Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roger Rabbit 2 – In 3D?

Robert Zemeckis was interviewed while attending the “Cine & Chianti” retrospective in Tuscany (Italy) and he talked again about the upcoming Roger Rabbit sequel. He said that probably Steven Spielberg will join him again for the making of this movie (Spielberg producing, Zemeckis directing), but also kinda revealed that the sequel might be presented in 3D!!

But don’t get alarmed fellas: he talks about the 3D feature that’s the current trend on movie theaters, not the CGI-animated graphics. The animation on the sequel will remain 2D and live action sequences will be filmed, just like in the original movie. Even he explains the differences between the 3D films that are being projected currently (the computer-made ones and true 3D films that require special equipment for its filming, against the 2D movies converted to 3D) and how Roger Rabbit 2 will take advantage of the newest technologies for providing a better experience to the audiences.

The whole interview was uploaded by Youtube user sentieriselvaggi and Zemeckis starts to talk about the RR sequel at the 1:47 mark:

I can’t imagine Roger popping just in front of my eyes… I’ll bet that would be a great experience if it’s done in the right way, and sure you will feel like if you were actually in Toontown =D

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Roger Rabbit Mini-Maquette

Remember the Rollercoaster Rabbit Jessica Maquette we blogged about last year? And later some concept art of Roger popped up. Well, Electric Tiki have finally made that figure, check it out here