Friday, February 22, 2013

New Charles Fleischer interview

Don't worry about Bunnyfriend leaving. He's still contributing to the blog. He just sent me this new interview with Charles Fleischer.
Thanks, old buddy!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roger Rabbit voiced by Duke Nukem?

Wow, you can find Roger Rabbit-related stuff in the strangest of places. Your old pal Al happens to be a big fan of Duke Nukem and while watching a interview with his voiceactor; Jon St. John I was quite surprised when he did a Roger Rabbit impression. And a darn good one to. He goes on to say the reason for doing this was because he used to stand in for Charles Fleischer. Quite an interesting bit of trivia there.

Skip to 17:20 to hear his Roger voice and again to 33:05.
Hail to the king baby!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goodbye, Toontown. Bunnyfriend is out.

Friends and followers, I’m really sorry about my poor performance on this blog. I’ve ranted enough to fill a tall building with frustration and curse words. I’ve called people “liars” or “not professionals” when they were right from the very beginning. I’ve done a lot of harm to the Roger Rabbit fandom with my false assumptions and snobbism.

I’m sorry folks. Take my most sincere apologies.


From this moment, I’m stepping down as the webmaster of Toontown Antics. Instead, Alex will be the head of this blog.

Alex: I know this will be sudden and unexpected, but I also know from the bottom of my heart you’ll be fine with Toontown Antics. You’re a true Roger Rabbit fan, and about that old question of ours: yes, actually you do love Roger Rabbit more than I do.

Sorry fellas. I can’t take care of this place anymore. Thanks for all those years of support, laughter and hope. Maybe someday I’ll be back, but I can’t be sure. Keep Toontown alive and wacky for me.

Thanks guys. I’ll miss you. =’)

The fake news… Weren’t that fake after all

Maybe you’ve already read my latest rant about some online blogs giving as a fact the last entry on Gary Wolf’s blog about a buddy movie starring Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse, which will feature Walt Disney and a cameo by Orson Welles.

It was too good to be real, so I went full skeptic.

But, know what? It’s actually real, and it’s actually happening!!

A person who is closer to Gary Wolf than me (who wants to remain anonymous) told me those news are, in fact, real. “The Stooge” is an actual in-development project, which is being discussed with Disney and Pixar at this moment. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be greenlighted, but there’s a slight chance they pull the trigger and give “The Stooge” a try.

My most sincere apologies to Ain’t It Cool News and Bleeding Cool for my rant on the last entry of my blog. Also my most sincere apologies to Gary Wolf and his star columnist Walter Windchill.

This is the second time I rant about legit news that are actually happening. Maybe I should be less skeptic and more receptive to those kind of news.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey guys from Ain’t It Cool News and Bleeding Cool: do you realize than…?

Those “news” posted in Gary Wolf’s blog about a Roger Rabbit movie, are not supposed to happen in real world?

If you can read carefully, the pen name of the guy writing the info is none other than Walter Windchill: a gossip columnist for the Toontown Telltale (some kind of tabloid on Toontown) who also will be one of the core characters in the upcoming novel “Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?” to be released later on this year. Walter was introduced in one of Gary’s blog earlier posts, and he’s posting in behalf of Gary Wolf some news to us Roger Rabbit fans in the real world, and some other news which only happen in the world of toons and wacky antics we know as Toontown.

Also, how in tarnation would you get Walt Disney and Orson Welles to star in a movie, without bringing’em from the dead via CGI or Mo-Cap? And without bringing a load of lawsuits and hurt feelings from their fans, relatives, heirs and estate owners?

Finally, just read the entry. Really. This isn’t meant to be taken seriously. And I mean, seriously as “is this really happening?”.

Shame on you Ain’t It Cool News and Bleeding Cool. Get your facts checked before posting this kind of “fake” news (which are fake to us, but very real for people in Toontown, you know ;) ).