Saturday, November 28, 2009

“Judge Doom” wants to get Roger Rabbit again!


As Digital Spy published yesterday, Christopher Lloyd (better known for his roles as Judge Doom in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and Doc Emmet Brown in the “Back to the Future” trilogy) is very excited about the upcoming Roger Rabbit sequel, and he would like to reprise his role as the evil, red-eyed cartoon who became judge thanks to a couple of zillion simoleons:

Digital Spy - Christopher Lloyd up for 'Rabbit' sequel

Personally, I don’t think Judge Doom comes back from death to haunt Roger, Jessica, Eddie and the gang (neither him or the Toon Patrol). But he can still get into the project, if Bob Zemeckis asks him.

What do you think? =3

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Roger and Jessica’s Wedding


A lovely couple, isn’t it? =D

Roger and Jessica’s wedding, as illustrated by mexican talented artist Martin López, famous for his well-known Simpsons’ parodies. Thanks to Profesor Carlos (webmaster of Proyecto Cartoon and Quién Engañó a Roger Rabbit) for sending me this cool illustration!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WFRR script

So, what do we have for you kids today? Well, the script Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman wrote for the movie actually. It's not the final version as it has some different scenes that didn't make it to the movie. The weasels are never given any individual designs, Doom's pet vulture is still here and there is also a weird kangaroo jury he talks to before executing anyone. The basic plot is still the same though. I have also read there were earlier drafts were Jessica or Baby Herman were the villains. Would've been interesting to read those as well.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Roger Rabbit, M.D.

Roger Rabbit, M.D. by ~bunnyfriend on deviantART

It’s not lupus, huh-huh!! =3

Jessica Rabbit art

Came across another Who Framed Roger Rabbit-related blog and figured I'd make the visitors here aware about it:
Mostly a picture blog, contains some fairly known ones you've probably seen and others a bit more rare.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Roger Rabbit commercials

Keeping up the vid-related posts, here I bring some of the commercials in which Roger Rabbit was featured. Almost all of them are 20+ years old, but they’re still worth the watch:

Diet Coke commercial

Still don’t understand why Roger likes to drink Diet Coke… It tastes HORRIBLE! Oh well…

Disneyland Christmas Celebration 1988

In this ad, Disneyland is welcoming Roger Rabbit into his first holidays at the park. Notice how his feet soles are featuring their oval-shaped pads, which aren’t there in the rest of the Roger Rabbit costumed characters. Maybe because this one was sitting there the whole time, or because this was the first version of the costume, that was later improved for durability and Cast Members’ comfort.

Disney-MGM Studios 1989

Here Roger appears just a couple of seconds. He’s been drawn in an animation board, and then suddenly jumps to our faces. Worth the watch anyway.

Mickey’s Great Adventures (on ice)

This will make you remember about the times when shows on ice were the greatest thing since sliced bread, hehehehe.

French ad for Who Framed Roger Rabbit

You can’t miss the animated ad in the second half of this video!

80’s Commercials (featuring Roger Rabbit’s VHS ad)

There are some vintage commercials in there… Roger’s ad begins at 6:29 (if you’re only interested on that ad, click on this link).

Commercial for Roger Rabbit’s Vista Series DVD

Since then, Roger hasn’t been featured in commercial ads. Just promos for his movie broadcast in several channels.

And finally…

Roger Rabbit doll commercial (my personal favorite!)

Lovely, isn’t it? =3

Sing along with Roger Rabbit

Our favorite bunny participates in a merry song together with some other Disney characters. Look for him as a fireman during the Disneyland singalong. Special thanks to my friend Scott for showing me this.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My angel became real

My angel became real - Custom by ~bunnyfriend on deviantART

Of course, that custom doll is based on this illustration =3

…And Robert Zemeckis keeps doing it

I mean, teasing us with more info tidbits about Roger Rabbit’s sequel. This time, at an interview he had with Empire Online, he gave us a couple of hints about the way he would film RR2:

Yeah, I mean, you know, we have the tools now and we can actually, uhmmm, really make a spectacular version of Roger Rabbit if the screenplay turns out to be something that’s really good…


Yes, you know, it depends on… You know, I mean: it depends on… It probably should be made in the tradition of the first movie.

What does this mean? Well… I don’t know if he talks about filming live action sequences, that will be mixed with digitally animated sequences and MoCap, of if he wants to keep the storyline of the first movie, or something else.

Come on Zemeckis, stop playing with our minds! We just want the rabbit back under the spotlights, p-p-p-p-p-please!! >.<

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roger Rabbit's Toontown issue 3 - Part 3

Discover what happens when Roger and Baby Herman go to lunch to some seafood dive... Guess next time they'll eat at Joe's XD

Every thumbnail is clickable, and will open in a new window:

As always, thanks to Alexander for the neat scans =3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zemeckis will use MoCap and 3D CGI in "Roger Rabbit 2"

Be afraid... Be very, VERY afraid... Because it seems that some of our deep fears about the Roger Rabbit sequel are true after all:

MTV MOVIES EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zemeckis Indicates He'll Use Performance-Capture And 3-D In 'Roger Rabbit' Sequel

This basically means that all human characters will be MoCapped (I mean, they will be portrayed via Performance Capture, a technique that was extensively used at "The Polar Express", "Beowulf" and "Disney's A Christmas Carol") while all cartoons will remain two-dimensional, but no MoCapped (like traditionally animated, but using digital techniques similar to those used in "Looney Tunes: Back in Action"). That way, Bob Hoskins would reprise his role as Eddie Valiant, Roger and his fellow friends will look like in the old times, and the whole movie will be easier to make.

So, what are your thoughts? It seems that we'll finally get the Roger Rabbit sequel after all, but I'm afraid about Roger and Eddie Valiant going into the Uncanny Valley D=