Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hare Raising Havoc - Roger Rabbit game

We sure are posting a lotta youtube videos here nowadays but that is because we find some much cool stuff there! Like this one for instance. We don't need any reminding of how lousy the first WFRR game by Nintendo was, but luckily this one almost makes up for it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

¡¡Viva México!!


Roger looks funny as a “China Poblana”. I’m the “Charro” at the right. Two bunnies having fun together last saturday =3

This is the real me: doing random things just for having some silly fun. Maybe you can spot me almost every saturday at Guadalajara’s downtown, wearing some bunny ears and carrying my Roger Rabbit plush doll. If you happen to see me someday, p-p-p-p-please wave your hand so I can get in touch with you!!

P.S. Thanks for coming to Toontown Antics! Because your support, this blog won’t fail at delivering everything you’ll need to know about Roger Rabbit =D

The Totally unOfficial Toonography of Jessica P4

Finally, the part 4 of the Toonography is out! ImNotBadTV now talks about pin collecting, and how Jessica Rabbit has achieved a new level of popularity thanks to the collectors (after all, Jessica’s pins are some of the most sought). He also talks about some issues about certain Jessica pin, that wasn’t well received by the Nurses Association in US, and Disney had to pull it out of sale.

Thanks again to ImNotBadTV!! Keep up the good work =3

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coolest. Roger Rabbit related costume. Ever.

This is, by far, the coolest Roger Rabbit related costume I’ve ever seen. This guy disguised himself as Eddie Valiant, and his wheelchair was customized to look as Benny the Cab. Of course, he’s carrying a Roger Rabbit plush as part of the whole package =D

Congratulations to YellowWheels for the cool costume, and thanks for sharing it with us!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roger Rabbit Conceptual Poster

Sometimes you can find a piece of history being auctioned at eBay. This time, I stumbled upon this unique piece of art, that seems to be a conceptual painting for the theatrical poster of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”:

The auction can be found in the following link:

eBay - ORIGINAL Disney Painting Roger Rabbit STEVEN CHORNEY
(the link may not work if you’re reading this after September 2009)

By the way, in that link is mentioned that exists another variation of this painting that was auctioned some time ago. I’m not really sure, but I guess this is the painting the seller talks about:

Notice how both of the posters feature Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd names along with Roger Rabbit’s name, as the main actors in the movie. Also, those paintings bear the “Walt Disney Pictures” brand, instead of “Touchstone Pictures” (what reflects that those paintings were made on pre-production stages, or maybe along with development of the movie).

Although those paintings are great, I think the final theatrical poster was the most appropiate choice for promoting the movie. I mean: looking at those posters above makes me think about a fully animated movie, aimed to kids. The final poster really shows more of the true nature of the film, and looks more grown-up:

(By the way: I have this poster framed in my own room =3 )

A very big “THANK YOU“

I´ve had some very busy weeks at “Toontown Antics“. So many things happened to me in so very little time: those rumors about a new Roger Rabbit movie, the argument with the weasels´ fanboy, another load of arguments with some people that thought I was sick because loving Roger Rabbit a little too much, my farewell letter to Roger and my sudden decision to abandon this blog (which gladly I didn´t keep)... And some things I won´t write down here, that made me feel very ashamed and guilty.

Even with all those dramas, some persons were always there, supporting me and giving me their wise advice and kind words. They taught me some lessons about sticking to your own ideals, being true to your real self, and let things flow. The more important lessons were about going ahead even when things seem to be out of control, and to ignore people that cannot leave things behind. About loving what you do, because you really love it. About loving Roger Rabbit, because I really love him. Although I know very little about their personal beliefs and faith appreciation, I already know they´re not the kind of people that like to brag about their own beliefs, or tend to feel they´re “right“ while the rest are “wrong“... They´re just kind, nice persons that gave me their help and advice when I needed it. Persons that gave their hands to some stranger that needed a little push. Persons that I really love and estimate.

So, I´d like to thank you, Ayaka-chan. Also I´d like to thank you, Alexander. And of course, thanks also to you, Mikmix. Thanks, Daniel and Monica (both great friends in real life). Finally, thanks to Dr. Demente, Demyx, T-Sex, Benchwarmer and Rip Van Fizher from the Atomix Message Boards.

I really appreciate your kind, caring words and your great advice. Thanks to all of you, Toontown Antics is still up and running. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times.

And also thanks to you, Roger Rabbit. I love you, sweet bunny <3

With some friends like you, no wonder why a single weasel couldn´t kill Roger Rabbit =3

Loretta Rabbit

Some time ago, when I rediscovered my love for Roger Rabbit, I decided to give him a little daughter.

Many of you will ask: “how are supposed Roger and Jessica to have kids, if he’s a toon rabbit and she’s a toon human?” Well… The answer is quite easy: their daughter was delivered by a drunk stork that almost crashed into the Rabbits’ house (like in those old “Merry Melodies” cartoons).

Her name is Loretta. Loretta Rabbit. I went for that name since it was very popular among girls in the 40’s and 50’s, and because it seemed cute to me. As you can see, she’s a little girl that bears a very strong resemblance with her dad, but has some of Jessica’s key visual features like the huge eyelashes and eyelids, and of course the same gorgeous hairdo.

Like his father, she will do anything for making you laugh. But unlike Roger, she’s a very street-smart girl that can’t be easily fooled by the average tricks and scams. Like Jessica, Loretta knows she’s cute and takes care of her appeareance. Unlike her mom, she’s more sweet and tender --and even dislikes all those diva poses and attitudes. Unlike both of them, she’s really afraid of ghosts, ghouls and zombies. But in the other side, Loretta is very loyal to her friends and relatives.

About her age, she must be around 8-9 years old, and she seems to enjoy her childhood… Although sometimes, she doesn’t want to grow up. Loretta simply cannot understand big girls’ stuff yet. Because that, she’s always wearing cute dresses and frilly clothing that makes her look even more sweet and innocent. I remember giving her a pair of maryjane shoes in one of the early sketches (along with frilly socks), but then I discarded them since Roger goes always barefoot and he seems to be very comfortable with that. Supposed Loretta would find that comfy as well.

So… She’s Loretta. Still I don’t know if I’ll give the Rabbits another kid, but meanwhile they sure have a lot of time to share with their little daughter =3

Note: Loretta Rabbit is a fan-created character, so she’s not canonical. But if you want to use her for some fanfic or some RP story, p-p-p-p-please contact me first =D

P.S. I almost forgot! Here’s Alexander rendition of Loretta Rabbit:

Awesome, isn’t it? =D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Roger Rabbit’s Toontown issue 2 – Part 1

You already know it… It’s fun time!! In this story from Roger Rabbit’s Toontown second issue, Roger will meet one of the very first animated characters, although not in a very pleaseant way…

Every thumbnail is clickable, and will open in a new window:

Thanks again, Alexander, for sharing all those scans with us!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Toon Toys

During a search at Flickr, I came across something interesting. Several sculptures that were meant to be used for toys of Roger Rabbit and friends(and enemies) Though they were according to the uploader of the picture never released.
Take a look for yourself

I sure would've liked to own these myself, but according to the picture comments they were sold away on ebay some time ago. Oh Well. Would be nice if the winner of that auction found the blog and supplied us with some photos of the coloured figures.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy early Halloween, Ayaka-chan!

Roger's Halloween Disguise by ~bunnyfriend on deviantART

This Only Happens in the Movies

This sweet, lovable song was supposed to be part of the Original Soundtrack of "Who Discovered Roger Rabbit": one of the failed projects for pulling out a Roger Rabbit sequel. It was released some time ago in a CD Album sung by Kerry Butler, but almost no one knew of its existence... Until now, thanks to Youtube user SSlovebird (who also shared the song with the Roger Rabbit Fan Club at DeviantART).

Hope you enjoy this great song! Thanks again to SSlovebird!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fanart doesn't get any better than this

Throughout the years I have been searching for various Roger Rabbit-related pictures. One find in particular that I discovered was the wonderful fanart of Paul Jaworski. This artist has done a bunch of drawings featuring Roger and Jessica in various comical situations. Below are some of the art he's done of our favourite couple. Often spoofing various movies. I like how he makes Roger cross-eyed in some of these, gives him a more wackier look.
For more, check out comicartfans or his deviantart page

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roger and Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Performances

As many of you might know, “Cosplay” (word which literally means “Costume Play”) is the most popular feature presentation in almost every single comic convention, and some cosplayers (people that dress themselves as their favorite characters and gets into contests for winning prizes or just for fun) are well known worldwide.

Today, I’m uploading a couple of cosplay sketches featuring Jessica and Roger Rabbit; one of those is from the “Anime Party 2009” held on Brazil, and the other one is from the “World Cyber Games 2009” on Venezuela (this one was filmed from two different angles):

Anime Party 2009 (Brazil)

World Cyber Games 2009 (Venezuela)

Hope you enjoy them!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome to Toontown Antics, Alexander!!

Today, our fellow friend Alexander became part of Toontown Antics! He’s a huge fan of Roger Rabbit, just like me, and he’s going to help me to keep this journal updated with the latest news regarding Roger Rabbit, and some interesting findings about the Honey Bunny and his fellow friends :D

Thanks a lot for your support, pal!! Feel like at home =3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roger Rabbit’s Toontown issue 1 – Part 3

So… Here´s the third part of Roger Rabbit’s Toontown first issue. This time it features Jessica, and how she became the judge of Toontown’s beauty contest… You gotta read how this ends!! =D

Every thumbnail is clickable, and will open in a new window:

Again, thanks to Alexander for those scans! Soon I’ll upload Roger Rabbit’s Toontown issue 2 so you gotta stay tooned!!

Feelin' blue

I have plenty of material for keeping "Toontown Antics" updated.

I have the support of my fellow friends Ayaka-chan, Alexander and a few followers.

I have the only active (not abandoned) Roger Rabbit blog in the whole web (besides RR Note).

But sadly I'm slowly losing my interest on "Toontown Antics" and, also, on Roger Rabbit.

Recently I had a bitter argument with some Toon Patrol weasels' fan, that made me think about being too much passionate with things you like. Many should know I really loved Roger Rabbit, quite literally. But that love became an unhealthy obsession, and that drove me to do some things I'm very ashamed of (so ashamed, I won't talk about them). A couple of weeks ago, I realized about my sick obsession with the rabbit, and I said goodbye to him. But now, I'm afraid to admit that I don't like the rabbit anymore. I mean: the movie is great and Roger is a zany and lovable character... But I'm slowly losing interest on him.

So... What should I do? I was considering to close this journal, but that would be like a betrayal to all those friends that supported me. I was considering passing it to someone else, but I'm not sure that person will keep it running and updated. Even I considered to abandon it, but then "Toontown Antics" would become another "Toontown Tattler".

That's why I'm feeling blue. Perhaps the Toon Patrol won, and they would end up killing the rabbit, as they desired.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kill’em with laughter!

Please Eddie! Keep it up! You’re killing’em! You’re slaying’em!

You’re knocking’em dead!!

P.S. Would you rather keep smiling and taking the light side of the life, or maybe you desperately want to get the last laugh trying to force people to think like you, even if that kills you in the end?

Just think about it. Don’t be a weasel. Do the right stuff.

Sorry: comments are not allowed this time.

You NASTY Roger!! (mature audiences only)

In all this time I’ve been running this blog, I’ve found several things related to Roger Rabbit and his fellas…

But nothing.




(if you’re sensitive to parody drawings, or if you want to keep your wholesome image of Roger Rabbit, I suggest you to not click the following link. You’ve been warned.)


“Uncle Thumper often let young Roger play in his rabbit hole”


What’s the background behind that drawing? Supposedly, it’s one of several in-house drawings that were drawn/shared between the animators of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Some of them were mostly internal jokes, although it seems that someone took those to the “innuendo” level.In fact, this particular drawing is being auctioned at eBay right now, without any warning about its content:

Roger Rabbit Animators ‘In-House’ Drawing / Photostat 
(the link may not work if you’re reading this after September 2009)

I must say I’ve seen some nasty stuff featuring Roger and Jessica, but this drawing tops them all  >.<

P.S. My purpose is gathering every tidbit of information and history related to Roger Rabbit, and since this is part of the creative process behind the movie (although a little gross), I decided to share it with all of you. If most find this drawing offensive (despite the warnings), I’ll delete this entry.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roger Rabbit and Lady Di – Such a sweet moment

Youtube user DianaRemembered uploaded this very sweet moment, in which late Princess Diana (well known as Lady Di) met Roger Rabbit and Steven Spielberg at the UK premiere of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Roger looks quite anxious and at some point he tries to hug Lady Di, but she refuses the hug (I wonder why), which led Roger to feel very, very ashamed. I can’t quite understand the words Lady Di said to Roger (perhaps she’s saying “Please, no hugging, please”), but she was always smiling and looked happy to be there.

So, an angel meets another angel :’)

Thanks for sharing this video with us, DianaRemembered!

Roger Rabbit’s Toontown issue 1 – Part 2

So, here’s the next story featured in issue 1 of Roger Rabbit’s Toontown, which involves Baby Herman at shopping and, well… Some lollipops:

Every thumbnail is clickable, and will open in a new window:


Thanks again to Alexander for sharing those scans with us! =3