Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toontown Antics EXCLUSIVE! – A funny interview with Roger Rabbit

How’re you, fellas? If you’re still here, that means you’re hardcore fans of Roger Rabbit, his movie or his friends/foes. Maybe the last couple of years have been all slow with news related with the zany bunny or the much-rumored sequel/prequel/whatever they’re giving us, but today that’s gonna change for good!

We’ve got a very special exclusive for all of you! Don’t ask us how (since we still don’t know how it happened), but we’ve managed to get a very funny interview with the honey bunny, the long-eared buffoon, the A-list toon comedian, the… Well, you know who’re we talking about: the one and only Roger Rabbit! =D
Roger gave us the chance to ask him 10 questions about his personal life, upcoming projects and any other things we were curious about; since his time was a little limited (you know, being a rabbit celebrity ain’t easy) we couldn’t ask enough questions; besides at some point he started tickling us heavily and we had to surrender to him XD
Well, what are we waiting for? Here’s the…

(now with more gags and laughter, batteries not included)
Interviewer: Juan Carlos Estrada (Bunnyfriend)
Greetings, Roger!
Know I've been delaying this interview a lot, but I wasn't sure about the kind of questions I should ask you... Then, I realized I can ask you anything, since you're Roger Rabbit!
Well, let's get things started, shall we? I'll leave you all these questions, and I'll await for your replies. Take your time, no hurries here. Okay, here we go!

1) You are a well-known, very respected character in the animation industry... Did you ever imagine you would achieve this kind of success and the fame and stardom they bring with it?
Roger: Jeepers, I nevah thought I would get dis much suppoaht. I just thought da movie was gonna be a minor success, and ta my shock, it made ovah a billion dollahs worldwide! Den I was put in da pahk wit' my costars Mickey and my hero Donald Duck! It was an honor ta get my own section a da pahk and da ride Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. I thought people stopped caring aftah all dis time, but den I found you'ah blog!

2) Was there any moment in which you thought: "Jeepers, I'm actually not made for this... Maybe Id' be happier selling boxed cereal or Easter supplies"?
Roger: Nevah. I always wanted ta woik in Cahtoons! No mattah what, I wanted ta woik alongside my fathah, Bugs Bunny!

3) We know you and Jessica are one of the weirdest couples in entertainment industry, but somehow it works... She says "because he (you) makes me laugh", but there must be any other secret to keep your loving relationship so tightly tied. Would you mind to keep that secret with us, or is actually some kind of "top-secret"?
Roger: If ya knew how many times I have been asked dis question....... but I'll answah it da way I always do. Jessica and I ahe da most interesting Toon couple because a one fact. I was weak, and a rabbit, and a just general crazy Toon, and Jessica was strong willed and just generally beautiful. One thing ya didn't know is dat I got her ta be da way ya know her now. Ovah da time until I asked her ta marry me, she ended up becomin' less like da secretary she was befoah we met, and moah like she is now. Den, when we got married, she became da way she is as da fans know her.

4) Since your movie and theatrical shorts were released, we haven't see much of you or your friends lately. Are still there working in the industry? Would they be available if some given day the directors decide it's time to "toon in" again?

Roger: Oh, ta tell ya da truth, I have no idea how ta answer dis one. All I can say is dat if somebody wants me and my friends in Toontown ta do anothah thing togethah, then we will do da best we can ta make it da way we learned how ta do it in da 30's and 40's. Da way everybody loves us ta do it.

5) And that leads me to the following question: we know there are several failed attempts to bring you back from your semi-retirement. Do you think we could see you again in the silver screen in a near future?

Roger: I have been hearin' about a sequal fah yeahs. It nevah happened. But I have been hearin' somethin' about me comin' back ta da Disney pahks, but I doubt it.

6) Do toons age? If yes, why? If not, why?

Roger: We only age if people stop laughin'. Think about dis, Mickey is in his 80's yet he don't look a day oldah den he did in da 40's. Bugs is also in his 80's, yet he looks da same. I wish I could say da same about Slappy Squirrel.

7) I've heard you and Jessica are expecting a baby boy or girl... How would you name him/her? Do you think it will look entirely like you, like Jessica, or a mix between both of us? And how's Jessica taking this charming gift of love? (by the way Roger: GOOD JOB!)

Roger: Oh, we've decided fah a boy Roger JR., and for a girl Loretta Ortensia. Da girl's middle name is aftah my hero Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's wife.

8) What do you think about Bugs Bunny almost being your dad in one of the failed "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" prequels? Have you asked uncle Thumper if Bugs is actually related to you?

Roger: Yes. Bugs is my fathah, Thumpah is my uncle, but one thing dat wasn't mentioned is ALL Toon rabbits are related, by eithah marriage or blood. Buster and Babs recently got married, and Buster is my cousin.

9) How's your life right now? What are you doing for a living?

Roger: My life is goin' really well actually. I woik fah Disney. I am da assistant ta Mickey Mouse himself.

10) Finally, is there something you wanna say to your fans around the world?

Roger: Thanks fah supportin' me and my wife and all my friends fah yeahs! I love ya all!

*He gives Bunnyfriend a big cartoony kiss*
Well, there are all the questions. Hope I'm not bothering you too much, Rog. You know I love you dude, but I'm not the only one: several other people also love you and your crazy antics. Never change Roger!
Greetings from Mexico!!


And there it is! Did you like it? Do you want to ask Roger some more questions? Then go ahead and ask him anything you want! You’ll get tons of laugh and fun there! =D

Monday, July 2, 2012

Don’t get too carried away by this video (RE-UPDATED)

It came to my attention some sites were featuring this video as a legit trailer for a Blu-ray release of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” in 2013:

Let’s see: this is a rather well-done trailer, with the requisite green rating screen from MPAA, appropiate lettering in the text bullets and a very nice edition.


There’s not Touchstone or Disney logo at the beginning, there aren’t any credits or disclaimers at the end of the trailer, and it was uploaded to a regular YouTube account, instead of being promoted on Disney or Touchstone’s YouTube channels.


It mentions the Blu-ray will include remastered versions of the three theatrical animated shorts, which doesn’t make sense if they aren’t  remastering the whole original movie, the big enchilada, the hot tamale as well. In fact, actual footage from the movie looks like straight from the DVD releases, in all its grainy low-res glory. Obviously, theatrical shorts are the best looking of all the bunch since they’re fully animated (except for the 1 minute or so ending on each one) and they were released after WFRR proved to be a huge success.


Keep your hopes low, buddies. As I can see, this is a well-done fan trailer, but nothing else. Don’t believe everything you see on Internet, and do a little more research before getting carried away, as a couple of websites I’ve caught red-handed.

If you have a little more info about this particular video, or if you think this is an actual proof we will be getting an official Blu-ray release of WFRR, you can leave a comment and we will discuss about this.


I got some feedback from Matt (who manages Open Vault Disney) and he clarifies about the source of the vid and some of its features:

Juan Carlos Estrada, the trailer was included on the recent Blu-ray releases of 'Phenomenon' and 'Step-Up'. Also, there is no mention of restored trailers but rather the three theatrically released shorts. The reason it's from a personal account is due to it being ripped from the actual blu-ray. Disney is also notorious for using old transfers for new releases (case and point, 'Alice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition', which used the Masterpiece Edition transfer for it's trailer,as well as countless other Disney releases over the last decade). I assure you that Open Vault Disney does check on it's news stories, and that as a former Newspaper writer I'm well aware of the process. Once Disney does do a press release, which we expect will come sometime in the second quarter, we'll be sure to include it.~Matt

As I don’t own those Blu-ray releases, and I’m still skeptical about the theatrical shorts being restored instead of the main movie, I can’t confirm or deny his statement. Also, how could Disney release a trailer about an upcoming release without giving it a proper press coverage? I’m still open to a friendly discussion about this matter.


As more and more sites pick this video for their articles, it seems the news about the Blu-ray release of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” are legit! You gotta understand I was quite doubtful of those claims since, as a hardcore Roger Rabbit fan, I’ve been deceived a lot of times with empty promises and fake news. This time news are apparently real, so let’s wait for the newest release of Roger’s movie! =3