Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nostalgia Critic made my rabbits famous!

Do you see the embedded video above? What appears to be a regular “Nostalgia Critic” review about “The Tommyknockers”, turned into the way to stardom for some of my Roger Rabbit dolls.


Well… Press play on the video and skip to minute 3:39 and meet some of my rabbits! (They’ll be displayed behind Nostalgia Critic).

Of course, none of my dolls can talk… But it’s funny how Doug Walker picked my favorite rabbit of the bunch (in fact, the first RR doll I’ve got) and made him “talk” XD

In fact, I’m wondering where did he get that picture with all my rabbits…

Disclaimer: I must insist: he actually doesn’t talk… Or at least, I think so  o_0

Thanks to Alex for the heads-up!! =3