Sunday, September 26, 2010

More sketches coming!

Original Roger Rabbit Sketches by ~Scribbledee on deviantART

DeviantART user Scribbledee (who’s also a Roger Rabbit fan) found those sketches somewhere and posted them in his gallery. They look like drawn by Richard Williams and he probably drew them as character studies (notice the small note in the left sketch).

I have more Richard Williams sketches stored somewhere, if I find them I’ll upload them for your viewing pleasure ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roger Rabbit Gallery – with several cool sketches!

I’m always trying to find something valuable to share with you fellas, and this time I’m bringing you the link to a Roger Rabbit gallery (hosted by in which you can find official art from press releases, movie stills and some neat production sketches. There’s even a very detailed sketch of Jessica in her development stages (when she was wearing a different dress)!

Click here and enjoy yourselves! :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bob Hoskins signs up for Roger Rabbit 2

Eddie Roger

United Kingdom’s Daily Telegraph revealed us today that Eddie Valiant is back on duty!

I mean, Bob Hoskins finally admitted he signed up for the upcoming sequel of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit" but also has some doubts about the movie being fully animated, as Zemeckis suggested some time ago.

Quoting his own words:

"I don't know how it's going to work out. The format they want to do is the same as we did for (2009 animated movie) "A Christmas Carol." The thing is, it looks like a cartoon, so how do you put a cartoon in the middle of a cartoon? I can't figure out how they are going to do it."

What worries me is when Hoskins says Robert Zemeckis will be animating the whole movie, even when the director revealed some months ago this sequel project will be similar to the original movie, I mean: a mix of animation and live action (although it might be presented in 3D).

At least we know “Roger Rabbit 2” is going ahead, and Bob Hoskins will play some kind of role in that movie (we still don’t know if he’ll reprise Eddie Valiant, but we hope he does it =D ).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally, some news! Well, sort of…

/Film gives us an update of the upcoming Roger Rabbit sequel… Well, not actually.

They talk about a “newly discovered” screen test made for “Roger Rabbit 2” back in 1998. If you’re familiar with this blog, maybe you’ll remember we reviewed that screen test, SEVERAL MONTHS AGO:

I found that screen test back in May of this year, in Brendan Body’s blog. Someone decided to upload it to YouTube (since it was originally hosted on Vimeo) and then Cartoon Brew picked it up, claiming it was a new discovery. Let’s remember what we’re talking about fellas:

Although we don’t credit Cartoon Brew on that find (instead, we choose to credit Brendan Body since he was the person that found the RR2 test in Eric Guaglione’s website and shared it with everyone), we instead can credit them for bringing more news about that failed project, as some persons that were involved in it posted about their own experiences in the pre-production stages of this ill-fated prequel, and shared some facts about the making of that animated sequence.

I invite you to read about them in /Film or in Cartoon Brew, it’s a really interesting read and absolutely worth your time if you’re a hardcore Roger Rabbit fan like me =3

UPDATE: Eric Goldberg (Animation Director of this project) left his own comments on Cartoon Brew and explains a little about how this test was made and why the prequel project was canceled, besides costs. You gotta read this guy! =D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Roger Rabbit comic index

While browsing a website about Disney comics, I stumbled upon a index for Roger Rabbit comics which seems to be pretty extensive. Here is a listing for every story and issue featuring the character(The movie adaptation, Resurrection of Doom, RR, Toontown etc)
Index that only lists the Roger Rabbit issues.
And one for Roger Rabbit's Toontown.
To see more details or pictures from each story, click on "story code". The scans are very small, but the links are worth checking out if you like me, are a huge Roger Rabbit enthusiast.