Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prince Roger Rabbit


And so, Prince Roger Rabbit wanders through the entire Kingdom, in the search of the true owner of the glass slipper, the girl he loves from the bottom of his heart… His “Cinderella” <3

Well… Maybe he’s searching for the wrong girl, since Jessica wears ruby-red stilettos! And that glass slipper is anything but red:


But that’s okay, since he’s just pretending to be Prince Phillip XD

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For all Jessica Rabbit and Mopar lovers out there!

Here it is: the almost mythical Jessica Rabbit-themed PT Cruiser!

00008wyf You can find the rest of the pictures in this LiveJournal gallery (tried to link to the LiveJournal entry which talks about this particular car, but sadly you must login or register into LJ for reading it… Hate when that happens).

Roger Rabbit Cracked parody

Once again, I have found some more RR goodies at J. E. Daniels' animation blog. This time it's a parody of the movie from Cracked Magazine as told by Elmer Fudd, or in this case "Elmer Dudd" (Who ironically didn't appear in the movie) Be sure to check out the rest of his blog for more fun stuff on other cartoons as well.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

WFRR NES Cartdrige Harmonica

If you’re an 80’s kid just like me, maybe you remember about blowing your own NES cartdriges for making them work. Well… Nerdist Blog shows that someone took that idea and went beyond with it, creating a NES cartdrige harmonica from a Who Framed Roger Rabbit game:


Surely you’re thinking: how someone could have the guts for turning a collectible WFRR cartdrige (with box and instruction manual included) into an harmonica? Well, don’t worry! The person responsible for this was also selling the ROM board, in case its new owner wants to revert back the cartdrige to its original condition (yes, someone actually bought this!).

At least you can say this particular game will be finally useful for something (if you’ve played it, you know what I mean XD ).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who Censored Roger Rabbit? Available as an e-book


Thanks to TeleRead, I discovered that Gary K. Wolf (creator of Roger Rabbit, Toontown and the whole basis for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”) is now selling his most famous book, the one that started it all, the big banana: Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, as an e-book through Smashwords.

You can get the book here, among with his first novel Killerbowl. It costs only a couple of bucks!! =D

It worths the read, although be warned: after reading it, you won’t ever see Roger or Jessica in the same way. But what the heck: the book is quite funny and entertaining!

P.S. If you aren’t convinced yet, you can read a small sample of the book; it’s totally free!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Disney shuts ImageMovers Digital… No RR sequel?

In which seems to be a cost-saving move, The Walt Disney Co. is closing ImageMovers Digital (its own joint venture with director Robert Zemeckis) by January 2011. What’s exactly ImageMovers Digital or IMD? Maybe some movies will refresh your mind: The Polar Express, Beowulf and Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Yup: they did all of them, using Performance Capture, better known as MoCap.

Los Angeles Times goes even deeper in that matter:

Los Angeles Times – Disney to shut ImageMovers Digital Studio

What does this means to us Roger Rabbit fans? Well, let’s see… Apparently, the upcoming Robert Zemeckis projects won’t be done through that studio, and even they’re seriously endangered. So maybe we couldn’t get that controversial “Yellow Submarine” remake… Or the much-awaited-yet-so-delayed-and-so-much-promoted Roger Rabbit sequel.

Speculators say that maybe Avatar opened Disney’s execs eyes and realized that Zemeckis’ technology was already outdated (although I personally think they were getting close to it on “A Christmas Carol”), so they decided to discard IMD and focus all their efforts --and money in another Disney ventures (likely Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios). They just needed a good excuse, and James Cameron helped them to get it.

Let’s wait to get some more news. But, again, I feel like being in the same old sinking boat. Won’t somebody think on Roger?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Loretta Rabbit by Spongefox

REQUEST-Loretta by ~spongefox on deviantART

This is a really sweet rendition of my original character, Loretta Rabbit, drawn by Spongefox. Her overall design is a little bit different from mine, but she looks really cute and adorable wearing bows in both ears, and a nice pink jumper with imprinted swirls. And a Toon Kit! Wonder what will do Loretta with it =D

Thanks, my dear friend!! <3

Custom Roger doll

Check out this neat creation I came across.
Not just any custom RR doll, but a KNITTED custom doll.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roger meets Roger

Roger Bros. Index card drawing by ~spongefox on deviantART

If you ask me, it was about time someone paired both Roger Rabbits: the one from the movie pre-production era, and the Roger we all know and love. It makes me wonder about how the movie would’ve turned if Disney executives used the first incarnation of Roger Rabbit (made in-house) instead of bringing Richard Williams to design him, Jessica, Benny and the gang.

Of course, this lovely drawing was made by SpongeFox; you can check more of her cartoon-related artwork visiting her blog =D

P.D. You’ll get kudos if you know why’s the first Roger wearing that particular outfit ;)