Friday, August 8, 2014

Some other character's merch

Now, we usually talk about Roger. But I had an idea. We don't really talk much about Jessica, Benny the Cab, Judge Doom or the Weasels. So I decided to post about the merchandise for the characters that don't get much talk.

For starters, let's talk about The Weasels.

Ya know, even though they died in the movie, they seem to have more merch than Judge Doom.

With other characters, however, it was harder. Baby Herman for one. Maybe it's the thing with a young looking character that swore and smoked cigars wasn't good for kids to have stuff with. But, he did eventually get a bean bag plush.

But Judge Doom only got 2 things (to my knowledge.) A pin, and an action figure. Not counting the Funko figure, since it's not out yet (I don't think)

Of course, Benny got a ton. He seemed to be the only one besides Roger and Jessica to be liked a lot. Especially with the fact that they could easily make him.

Of course, I won't be talking about Jessica. There's a whole blog for that at one of our friends, I'm not badTV.