Monday, January 31, 2011

Drawing Roger Rabbit

DisneyGirl4ever allowed us to share with you fellas this wonderful video. Look how Roger Rabbit comes to life in a few minutes, just in front of your eyes! Also, p-p-p-p-please pay attention to the artist’s commentaries: they’re truly inspirational :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Head Turner II

Jessica’s owner and webmaster Jarrod sent me this interesting picture, in which the incomplete Roger Rabbit statue I featured on this blog two weeks ago looks stunning and well detailed, despite being… You know… Incomplete XD

In a related note, Lindsay Cave (the current owner of this statue) suddenly marked all the pictures on his Flickr account as private, including his own snap of this decapitated figure and the background story about it. It’s quite sad, but I respect his decision and if he asks me to delete the picture he allowed me to use, then I’ll do it ASAP.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Toontown Antics – Second Anniversary

toontownantics_anniversary2 We’ve had a really hard year: very few rumors about the “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” upcoming sequel and another related projects by Robert Zemeckis, Disney and some other movie studios. Lack of fresh news that keep us excited until we can get something more substantious. And, in top of all, several persons who think Roger Rabbit is a forgotten character who should remain that way, since no one will be interested in a zany, wacky cartoon rabbit in a world dominated by 3D and CGI behemoths.

Despite all those issues, Toontown Antics is still here.

A couple of years is enough time for proving I’m doing the right stuff. Sure, I’ve had some slumps in my personal life and sometimes I feel like: “what the heck am I doing, since almost nobody is interested in Roger Rabbit and they rather go after Jessica?”. Anyway I’ve been stubborn enough to let this little, humble blog die and all my efforts to keeping it updated and running worth it. Totally worth it

Of course, I’ve had a lot of support from Alex: my co-blogger. He’s always there, searching for more Roger Rabbit related articles, drawings and stuff, and giving me his advice and kind words. Without him, Toontown Antics would be probably a dead project, and I really thank him for his time, patience and wisdom.

But, if you weren’t reading this, we wouldn’t have any reasons to celebrate. That’s why I want to thank all our visitors: frequents, casuals and anonymous. Friend or foes. Lovers or haters. Fans of Roger, Jessica, Eddie, Baby Herman, Judge Doom and the Weasels. Thanks to all of you, for your support and nice comments (and also thanks for all the times we’ve had arguments, why not?)

Thanks a lot for being part of Toontown Antics, since 2009.

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, let’s go for it! =3

P.S. In case you’re wondering who’s the rabbit girl on the illustration, her name is Loretta Rabbit and you can read more about her in one of my earlier blog entries ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Head Turner

We’ve shown you pictures from Roger Rabbit statues which were (or still are) in display in a couple of Disney Stores around the world, but this is the first time we can actually see an unfinished statue, and look how these were made before paint and finishing touches.

Lindsay Cave (who’s Creative Director for Disney enthusiast magazine Tales from the Laughing Place) allowed me to publish a nice shot in which a never-completed Roger Rabbit life-size statue appears in all its glory:


You can read more about the story of this particular piece clicking on the image above or going directly to the source, it’s worth the read! =D

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tiny Toons references Roger again

As you know from our previous entries, Tiny Toon Adventures have referenced Roger Rabbit a few times. And in "New character day" they do it again.

A very, very off-model Roger cameos in the beginning where he's auditioning for a role in the show. Unfortunately for him, Buster and Babs are not impressed with his performance. I have known about this cameo for quite some time, but haven't been able to find it online until now. Unfortunately there seem to be something wrong with the sound in the video, or maybe it is just my computer being screwy. The right side of the video also seems to be cut off by the sidebar, but playing it in fullscreen should solve that problem.

Edit by Bunnyfriend: Fixed the video size, now it fits =D

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Some surfing around on the net lead me to an entry at the blog Kindertruma that might interest our readers. Judge Doom is talked about in that post and how he created a lot of nightmares among the film's younger fans back in the day. Myself included.