Monday, February 28, 2011

Roger Rabbit's Toontown #5

Here's the fifth and final issue of the Toontown series. Enjoy!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Roger Rabbit meets Dylan Dog

For those who didn't knew, Dylan Dog is a Italian comic series about a private investigator who frequently deals with cases involving creatures like ghosts, werewolves, zombies ...and pink rabbits. You see, two stories in this series seem to be inspired by WFRR. They dealt with a toon called ”Pink Rabbit” who had managed to cross over into the real world and much like Judge Doom used cartoony methods to kill of people. Falling anvils, steamrollers and dynamite may seem funny in cartoons, but when you use those things on humans the outcome is of course far more horrific.

The Roger Rabbit influence is even more apparent in the second story, check out the Toontown-looking background on the cover for instance.

We are also introduced to a Jessica-inspired character.
And there is a part somewhat similar to the deleted ”Pighead scene” where the toons try to screw with the detective by pasting a toon mask over his head.

There may be even more that I missed, I don’t speak Italian so I didn’t understand all the dialogue in these stories. But I managed to figure out the main plot through some rough translations. If any visitors from Italy wanna tell me about any other references in these comics that I missed then lemme know.

Here are some links with more info if you're interested:
I could unfortunately only find Italian ones but you can try translating them with Babelfish.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Judge Doom wins! - A.K.A. T-Shirt Shopping Time

Nasty. Definitively this is the stuff Roger Rabbit’s nightmares are made from.

If you want to get this creepy t-shirt or just want to buy the artwork, then go to Emptees and fuel your own nightmares or fantasies –but get there fast, since they will be closing on March 1st.!

But if you’re in the mood of getting something more rabbit-friendly, then check this link and this other link, and get your share of Roger Rabbit t-shirts that will make yo--


Disney Cuties - Roger Rabbit by ~bunnyfriend on deviantART

I’ll be back soon fellas: need to kick some thieves’ arses >:(

P.S. All those links were suggested by FrogGod1, thanks!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roger Rabbit Faces

Roger Rabbit Faces

Thanks to our friend Jarrod from Jessica’s, now you can have tons of fun with this silly, unique printable game!

Just click on the illustration to download the bigger version, print it on a piece of thick paper, follow the instructions and voila! Even you can create your own Roger Rabbit faces for more silly fun, so why don’t you give it a try? =3