Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bob Hoskins says goodbye to acting – Farewell, Eddie Valiant

Well, I…

I didn’t see this coming.

Bob Hoskins, our Eddie Valiant in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is retiring from acting duties. Sadly he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease last autumn, and as time passes and his disease keeps developing, he won’t be able to deliver any more of his quality performances on movies, TV or theater.

Parkinson’s Disease has also gotten other well-known celebrities like Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali. Hoskins will spend more time with his family, out of the spotlights, in a more private and less-demanding lifestyle.

Frankly I don’t have enough words to tell you how devastated I feel for these news. We were expecting him to reprise his role in the in-works sequel of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, but sadly this won’t be happening. But I fully understand why he took this painful decision, and I really wish him the best. In fact, I’m very thankful for all the great moments I’ve had with every one of his roles on movies (as Smee in “Hook”, the villainous Bart in “Unleashed”, Mr. Fezziwig in “A Christmas’ Carol” and even as Mario in the infamous “Super Mario Bros.”,  among others).

Farewell Eddie Valiant, our grumpy old friend. Toontown will never be the same without you. You’ll live forever in our hearts.

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