Thursday, December 27, 2012

Puh-puh-puh PLEASE! My beginning

Hello everybody,

I'm sort of the new person on the blog. I'm Daniel. I'm a roleplayer for Roger, which I helped with the interview post as the character. I also am a writer, and am kind of skilled with things such as cartoon writing. My favorite Toons are Roger, Oswald and Bugs, for rabbits, but others include Daffy, Jessica and Horace Horsecollar. My first post is about my fandom of Roger and the world of Toontown in general.

My story of the Roger fandom started when I was 4. I got a tape of The Best of Roger Rabbit, which featured the 3 shorts Tummy Trouble, Roller Coaster Rabbit and Trail Mix-up. I had to say, I loved them. Roger, of course, was the best part. But when I was 6, I finally saw the movie, and it scared me. But, 2 years later, I found a whole site of Roger stuff, and I became a fan. That same year, I got the 20th anniversary DVD. It was my first DVD ever, and I loved it. The film was much better and less scarier than I remembered, and it gave me a good feeling of happiness, which I had not felt since I saw movies and other cartoons before it, like the Looney Tunes shorts and the Mickey Mouse and Disney movies. My dream, however, was to one day visit Disneyland's Mickey's Toontown and see the sights that the movie brought us into the park. But, when I went to Disney World, I saw Mickey's Toontown Fair. It closed down in 2011, and is now a new part of Fantasyland. I never forgot anything about it. But, I never got the one thing I wanted, a chance to interact with the character. When I became 16, I found out about a mailing service where you can send a letter to a Disney character, and you got a signed photo back. My first choice was, of course, the Rabbit from Toontown himself, Roger.

Of course, more recently, I became engaged, and our honeymoon will be taking me to Disneyland and Toontown. But, this Christmas, I got the one thing I had wanted. A Roger Rabbit doll.

That is my experience with the world of Toontown and Roger and Jessica.

I will never forget it.

Your pal,

Daniel Kimbrell

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays to everyone!!


Your friends @ Toontown Antics wish you the most Happiest Holidays!! Hope you’re getting a lot of fun and gifts, huh-huh!! =3

P.S. This awesome pic belongs to Loren Javier, p-p-p-please pay him a visit! ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

WFRR on Blu-ray gets official release date –YAY!

Do you remember this?

Well, it seems we’re finally getting a release date for this much-awaited Blu-ray: some little bird shared with me the following link, in which we learn “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” will get its Blu-ray release on March 12, 2013 (of course, if mayan prophecies let us live for that, huh-huh!) and it will get basically the same extras already loaded on the Vista Series DVD release.

Aaaaand where’s the link, you might wonder? Well, here it is!

Stitch Kingdom - 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' Comes to Eye-Popping Blu-ray on March 12, 2013

Stay tooned folks! =D

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? – Third Roger Rabbit book, soon to be published!

!BY68R-Q!mk~$(KGrHgoOKiIEjlLmVkUiBKkJT9t3Ug~~_3It seems Roger Rabbit is on the news again! Now I found some info from two different sources (here and there), which tell us that Gary K. Wolf, the very-well-known creator of Roger Rabbit, Toontown and the prolific pen holder behind “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” and “Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit?”, is releasing a new novel named “Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?” thru Musa Publishing, an independent digital publisher (which means the next novel will be an e-book).

Here’s a quick synopsis of it:

The novel reunites all the old fan favorites—Eddie Valiant, his fuzzy sidekick Roger Rabbit, Baby Herman, and Roger’s va-va-voom mate Jessica, who continue their madcap human and Toonian adventures. This time, Eddie is hired to bodyguard for Gary Cooper and Roger Rabbit, the stars of a new movie that’s been receiving dire threats—shut down the film or else.

As with the previous novels, we’re expecting a whole load of wacky antics, elaborated puns and a well-written story with some twists and unexpected surprises. I’ve already read “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” and although I got “Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit?” as an e-book, haven’t read it yet. After knowing about this new novel, maybe I should ;)

UPDATE: Here’s the press release about this new novel, in Gary Wolf’s own website:

So we’re now absolutely sure the news are true =3