Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An old friend’s comeback

Once upon a time, I bought online a very worn out Roger Rabbit plush doll. He looked OK in the pictures, so I purchased it. When I got him one month after (since the seller sent him to me thru regular mail, instead of using a fast delivery service), he wasn’t so good looking at all. Roger was a little damaged and perhaps some child played lots with him, but what really caught my attention about him was his smile. His beautiful, cheery smile. I fell in love of him immediately.

Half year ago, I was very annoyed since I had some argument with one of my co-workers, and when I arrived home the first thing I saw was that smiling Roger doll. I couldn’t stand his sweet smile, so I threw him to the floor, stepped hard on him several times, kicked him and finally I torn him apart in several pieces. When I realized what have I done, it was too late: he was “dead”. I picked up all the pieces and threw them inside a plastic bag, for discarding that poor plushie doll later. But I never did. I kept all the pieces.

Yesterday I decided it was time to bring back my old, severed friend from “death”. With my poor sewing skills (and lots of glue, by the way) I gave him another chance to live:

I hadn’t the heart for taking pictures of him before the process. But he was really torn apart: his head, his ears, his arms, his legs and torso, and his clothes were absolutely destroyed. But he was still smiling. Maybe that was the reason that lead me to reconstruct him. I made a little comparative about how he looked before the incident, and how does he look now:

Of course, I am not proud of what I’ve done in the past. In fact, I had a lot of regrets for destroying this little smiling doll. But I hope this help to heal all those wounds and leaving the past where it belongs. Because, after all, Roger still has that sweet smile I love =3


If you have had (or maybe you still have) a Roger Rabbit plush doll, you can notice that probably he lacks two important features: his long whiskers, and his trademark front tooth. Since I had some spare time this past weekend, I decided to work on my own Roger Rabbit plush doll (better said, my favorite one) for giving him those facial features, and this is the final result:

How does Roger look now? I’d like to know what do you think! =3

Monday, March 9, 2009

Huge collection update

Maybe it’s the last time I upload an update of my collection. I’m always showing off my newest finds, but I never really thought if you will be interested in them, since many of you probably have neater things than mine. Anyway, those are my latest finds:

Roger Rabbit PVC figurine with handcuffs

Thumper Wind Up Plush (if you wind up him, he will play a sweet lullaby while moving his head softly from side to side)

Large Talking Horton Plush (he’s really huge!)

Little Thumper Plush, with a suction cup hanging from his head (he’s into my car right now)

Brer Rabbit Beanie

So there are my new babies. Finding them ain’t easy (specially Roger Rabbit collectibles) but you can imagine how glad I feel when I bring those little friends into my house =3

About my absence

In the last two weeks I was a little absent of this blog… Sadly, just a couple of persons know about its existence, and nobody else cares about it. Maybe it’s because Toontown Antics is a rather new journal… Maybe it’s because I focus too much in my personal collection, since there aren’t enough news about Roger Rabbit out there… Maybe it’s because no one is interested in a 20-years-old movie, or because traditional animation with classic characters isn’t as appealing compared with all those neat 3-D animated features and new characters voiced by movie superstars and pop singers.

Still don’t know if I wish to go ahead with Toontown Antics, since no one seems to be interested in Roger Rabbit.

Anyway, I’ll give this journal another chance. If I can’t raise enough interest on it, maybe I’ll shut it down, or just leave it alone. I still have my old blog (http://www.anim-arte.com/comunidad/blogs/roger-rabbit/) but I’ll rather keep it focused to my personal life and issues (sorry, my former blog will be updated only in spanish).

Roger Rabbit never gave up, I know. But I’m NOT Roger Rabbit.