Friday, August 14, 2009

P-p-p-p-please Charles, tell me you’re serious!

Guess we’re closer to having a Roger Rabbit feature than we thought:

Jewish Journal | Voice of ‘Roger Rabbit’ talks sequel

That’s right: Charles Fleischer, THE Charles Fleischer, the weird but lovable guy that gave Roger Rabbit his trademark stuttering voice, is also talking about a possible Roger Rabbit upcoming feature. In fact, he seems to be willing to reprise his role as the zany, hyperactive Honey Bunny.

Even Fleischer has his own very guesses about what would happen to Roger Rabbit:

“I would like to see Roger suddenly become three-dimensional and the rest of the world turn two-dimensional. If that’s in the film, that was my idea.”

Of course, nothing has been written down yet and Charles is just speculating a little, but at least to me that idea sounds pretty wacky and funny, maybe worthy for an animated short =3

Remember fellas: the hopes are not dead yet!


Alexander said...

Splendid my good man, absolutely splendid.
Updating this blog more frequently now I see.
By the way, are you still making custom Roger plushies?

Bunnyfriend said...


I´m trying to keep this journal updated, being that a little difficult since there aren´t enough Roger Rabbit related news out there. But now that everyone is talking about the sequel project (even Charles Fleischer) updating Toontown Antics is easier than before =D

About the custom plushies: I make them from worn-out Roger Rabbit dolls, and even those are hard to get. My regular plushies are kept as mint as possible =3

Alexander said...

Another thing, I have been considering to create a RR website at some point. With info and media from the movie, the cartoons, toys, comics and Car-toon spin ride. Most sites about Roger are usually either limited to being about just the movie and haven't been updated in over five years or so.
So if this ever happens, would you be interested in becoming a co-administrator? We could perhaps make your blog a part of the site or you could post news on the site.

Bunnyfriend said...

Of course Alexander, I'll be glad of that! Even we can promote our Roger Rabbit Fan Club at deviantART a little more =3

rotten-orange said...

Ah! His idea sounds very hilarious and fresh! I think, at least, it deserves to become a graphic novel or a short film. It would be really amazing.

Bunnyfriend said...

Sure Ayaka-imouto-chan, the idea sounds really funny. I hope someday we can get new stuff related to the rabbit and his friends =3