Monday, December 7, 2009

Roger Rabbit model sheet

For some time now I have been searching for some good Roger model sheets. This has proven to be a pretty difficult task however and the best thing I could find was this:
Don't bother clicking it, that's as big as it gets.

Couldn't find any higher resolution of it so I decided to try and work it over myself.
Here's the result:
It's not as great as a scan of the first picture would've been, but it's better than nothing. I also wrote down some notes one should remember when drawing the character.
But if any of you visitors know about any better model sheets of Roger then feel free to let us know.

A friend of mine made me aware of a eBay auction related to this topic. The price is a bit too much for my limited budget, but at least it provided me with a slightly better picture of the model sheet in question.


Bunnyfriend said...

Hey Alexander, I really like your rendering of the model sheet, you should post it on deviantART =D

Alexander said...

Thank you Bunny.
I might do it eventually, I'm still not a hundred percent satisfied with it and will see if I can improve it more before I upload it there.

MiK said...

Those model sheets are such a treat!
Thanks for sharing.
And great recreation of model sheet^^

Bunnyfriend said...

Come on Alex, upload this one on deviantART: I can't see any flaws with it :D

Alexander said...

Thank you Miki! I hope it comes to good use for you, though it seems you're already able to how to draw him very well.

And as for you Bunnyfriend, We'll have to see about that. Have patience old chum. I guess part of the reason why I am reluctant to upload is that it isn't entirely my work but more or less a tracing of someone elses.