Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roger Rabbit in Mickey’s 60th. Birthday Special

Yes. I know what are you thinking: he looks cheaply animated.

And you’re right.

This is a excerpt from that Mickey Mouse’s 60th. Anniversary Special that was aired on TV more than 20 years ago. And it gives you an idea of how Roger would look in a regular cartoon show. Try to place this poorly animated sequence in some Bonkers’ episode, and you’ll get the whole picture.

Now I’m thankful we didn’t get a Roger Rabbit SatAM cartoon.

BTW, I’ll give you some kudos if you guess who’s the staff person chatting with Roger… But I’m sure you already know who’s him ;)

P.S. This video was uploaded by Youtube user froggycompany.


Alexander said...

The animation on Roger looks fine to me, not the same quality as in the movie but far from being on the same level as Bonkers.

Fan Art n' Fun said...

The animation doesn't really look THAT cheap. Though, a few more frames would've hurt. Plus, it would've been kind of nice to have a Roger Rabbit series. Just think of the shorts as a small "series".

Bunnyfriend said...

Well... It´s far from well animated to me. It seems like a rushed animation work for that special, since Roger´s character design varies from the movie and the theatrical shorts; maybe because it wasn´t animated in house but commissioned to Japan or Korea.

@Alexander: You´re right. Bonkers (both of Bonkers´ seasons) looks better animated than Roger Rabbit in this anniversary special.

@Spongefox: You already know what do I think about a Roger Rabbit animated series.

Alexander said...

Sounds like you misunderstood me, I think the animation in this one is better than in the Bonkers cartoons.
And both seasons? Bonkers had 4 seasons, not two.

Bunnyfriend said...

@Alexander: Well... IMHO, the animation on this special looks not so good compared to Bonkers, that was a formal cartoon series. Maybe because it was a one-shot program.

And well, I´m not a big fan of Bonkers, so I don´t really know how many seasons the show had. What I tried to say was: there were two main arcs in Bonkers´s history: the one where he was paired with the grumpy cop, and the one where he was paired with Miranda.

Alexander said...

Ah, I see. I'm not a very big fan of Bonkers either but I do enjoy some of his cartoons. Mostly the ones made before the cop era that were shown in "Raw Toonage"

Aldi said...

I can't believe no one said it yet. The backstage employee is played by Charles Fleisher, the voice of Roger Rabbit.