Friday, March 5, 2010

Loretta Rabbit by Spongefox

REQUEST-Loretta by ~spongefox on deviantART

This is a really sweet rendition of my original character, Loretta Rabbit, drawn by Spongefox. Her overall design is a little bit different from mine, but she looks really cute and adorable wearing bows in both ears, and a nice pink jumper with imprinted swirls. And a Toon Kit! Wonder what will do Loretta with it =D

Thanks, my dear friend!! <3


Mike said...

Yo man, never give up, never surrender.

Since the A::A and the 0uter Heaven is with you, don't give up.

Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks, Mike, for all your support =)

Alexander said...

You deleted today's blog entry?

Bunnyfriend said...

Yes, I did, since I came to an arrangement with the other blog´s owner =)