Friday, September 10, 2010

Roger Rabbit comic index

While browsing a website about Disney comics, I stumbled upon a index for Roger Rabbit comics which seems to be pretty extensive. Here is a listing for every story and issue featuring the character(The movie adaptation, Resurrection of Doom, RR, Toontown etc)
Index that only lists the Roger Rabbit issues.
And one for Roger Rabbit's Toontown.
To see more details or pictures from each story, click on "story code". The scans are very small, but the links are worth checking out if you like me, are a huge Roger Rabbit enthusiast.


WFRR88 said...

What a great resource. I just posted a very rare Roger Rabbit comic from Disney Adventures on my site. I have a few more I will try to post eventually.

Alex said...

Good to hear you like it. And thanks for the heads up on that comic.

Bunnyfriend said...

Now that I remember, I also found a Roger Rabbit comic from a "Disney Aventuras" magazine; sadly it's in spanish and I don't know if I could properly translate it.

Alex said...

Would be nice if you gave it a try. Your english seems good to me so your translation shouldn't be to hard to understand.