Sunday, October 31, 2010

How big was Roger Rabbit back in 1988?

Nowadays is hard to imagine a time in which Roger Rabbit was even bigger than Mickey Mouse, and merchandise from the movie was literally everywhere on Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Thanks to Flicker user Loren Javier who kindly gave me permission to use his photos, you can now recreate those great times:

Olivia in front of a store window at the Disneyland Hotel

As you can see, this window which belongs to the store on Disneyland Hotel shows some of the RR related stuff you could find (and buy) inside. Once into the store, you realize that you’re in fact entering to Roger’s realm:

Olivia at Mickey's Corner

If you had any doubts of Roger’s fame, just look at this: he even claimed “Mickey’s Corner” as his own!!

T-shirts and sweatshirts, calendars, plush dolls, caps, audiobooks and LP discs, were some of the items and collectibles you could get in this store. Sadly those days are long gone, along with those dolls and merchandise.

If you were fortunate enough to enter to any Disney store back in 1988, we’ll be glad of hearing your own stories!

P.S. The girl appearing in those pictures is a friend of Loren Javier who posed for the photos back in December 1988. Thanks again!

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