Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zemeckis’ Yellow Submarine has sunk; Roger Rabbit 2 could be next?

Since “Mars Needs Moms” opening weekend was a total disaster for Disney, seems they’ve had enough of Robert Zemeckis and his creepy Mo-Cap movies and they’re kicking out the “Yellow Submarine” project:

Reuters - Disney torpedoes Zemeckis'
"Yellow Submarine"

So, at least we got rid of this project for a while… But this will mean Zemeckis won’t have enough funding for keeping “Roger Rabbit 2” alive? Let’s analyze the facts: Disney has been rather skeptical with Zemeckis projects since “A Christmas’ Carol” failed to meet box office expectations, shutting down their joint venture with the now troubled director (ImageMovers Digital). Besides, it’s said Zemeckis is looking for a live-action movie to direct after “Mars Needs Moms” failure. Add the lack of news about “RR2” to the mixture, and we have the perfect recipe for yet another failed attempt of pulling out a sequel from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Let’s wait for more news about this particular issue. Anyway, I feel like walking the same old path again… :(


Frog God said...

suggest: a straight to DVD of Roger Rabbit adventures
-a collection of short movies of Roger and jessica in toon town and perhaps the real world
-bonus art materiol and games

Bunnyfriend said...

A straight-to-DVD (or Blu-Ray) feature with Roger Rabbit and his fellas isn't likely to happen. Besides, there were some old projects in the same fashion that were canned since Roger's popularity was slowly fading out.

Frog God said...

suggest: and educational program of roger rabbit on Disney channel, they did it with mickey mouse and captain hook. Why not learning with roger? learn -letters -history-counting
meet other disney and warner brother characters

Bunnyfriend said...

Well fella, Roger Rabbit doesn't fit in that kind of shows.

See: he's modeled after all those characters from the Golden Age of cartoons, which antics were crazy, wacky, senseless and very violent. In the other hand, Mickey Mouse is a wholesome character known worldwide and better suitable for children's educational shows.

Besides, WB won't let Disney use their characters in their television shows. They did it in Roger Rabbit since Steven Spielberg convinced them, and there were huge royalties also involved in that deal.

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Bunnyfriend said...

Saludos Yeray, ya estoy visitando tu blog :)

Mike Falcione said...

Part of me is worried that Zemeckis will make decisions that won't be too good for the movie. But, there's also a part of me that would like to see Roger return, in any kind of form, just so that he's back in the public eye and getting the attention the character deserves.

Bunnyfriend said...

I'm with you, Mike. Roger Rabbit deserves a second chance, since he was prematurely killed back in the early 90's, thanks to the feud between Michael Eisner and Steven Spielberg.

Roger was the main star of Disney at that time, and suddenly he vanished from the parks, the TV shows, the gossip news... Like if he wasn't there at all.