Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is, probably and undeniably, the most complete WFRR collection EVER!

Some years ago I’ve found some old videos about a certain Montreal collector who seems to own almost every single piece of merchandising related to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, which includes some rare foreign items, lots of magazines and related articles in them, and of course some exclusive collectibles and household items which I didn’t know that existed.

The last thing I knew was that he was trying to sell his entire collection (not parts of it: the whole enchilada or nothing), and it seems he’s going serious about it again. Just look at all those items in the video above --of course, if you can: it is a very quick sneak peek of this guy’s awesome collection and if you blink you can miss some interesting stuff.

Maybe we can’t be able to buy all that Roger-Rabbitness, but watching it doesn’t hurt either ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for featuring my video here!

Aldi a.k.a. Roofus :D

Bunnyfriend said...

You're welcome :)