Friday, December 2, 2016

...And that's why I'm not posting here anymore

So there it is. Disney couldn't care less about Roger Rabbit, and definitively we won't see anything from him (and of course from Jessica) as long as the Sun still shines over our noggins.

Okay, I was done with Roger Rabbit before this, and now I'm totally done. Good luck Alex and Daniel: the blog is totally yours.


Alex. G said...

Sad news, but not surprising. Gary Wolf once said in a interview the current Disney executives have little to no interest in Roger, so I knew a sequel was very unlikely.

Philip said...

Zemeckis is just exaggerating! Don't listen!

What's wrong with you people believing EVERYTHING?! 😡

Philip said...

Also, WFRR has just been selecting for preservation by the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress:

Bunnyfriend said...

Meh, I'm done anyway. I'm creating my own OC's instead of begging to resucitate old characters, as much as I loved them.