Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hamtaro is a cute, little hamster that lives every day as a new adventure along with his owner: the cute Hiroko Haruna (Laura Haruna in the U.S. version of the story) and his hamster friends, known as the “Ham-Hams”. It was a hit some years ago in several countries, including United States, Mexico and Latin America, and Japan of course. Sadly, people (specially children) forgot about him quickly.

I watched the animated version of the story (based on a japanese series of children books) and it’s really cute and heartwarming. It had some small changes for making it more suitable to american audiences, but retained the core adventures and everyday life of Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams.

Today I got a very cute Hamtaro plush doll for less than two dollars:

It is brand new without tags, and looks very huggable <3

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Anonymous said...

cool i have a hamtaro and its very cool