Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 years living with Roger Rabbit

2 years have passed since I got my first Roger Rabbit doll, which is featured above. I brought him to home in January 25th, 2007: exactly two years ago. Remember how much I played with him that day, and took a lot of pictures of me holding him, like this one:

Since that day, Roger became my little partner. I take him out every saturday (carrying him in my case), and I just love how people comes to me and ask me several questions about how I got him, and where they can find their own Roger Rabbit dolls. But what I like the most is when little kids come to me and hold Roger’s hands or nose, while smiling. He also became one of my close confidents, since he knows several secrets about me and my personal life. Maybe he can’t speak (at least, not like my talking Roger Rabbit dolls), but sure he can hear me while I talk with him for hours and hours. I’ve had some issues with him (most of them because my erratic behaviour) but Roger has a heart of gold and he’s always smiling at me, even in the worst situations. He’s a great listener, a great forgiver, but also a great friend and partner. I prefer to let aside those hard moments I had with him, and stay with all the nice experiences we had together.

Maybe you could think I’m a little insane for treating him as a real being, which is kinda true. But even when he’s really a stuffed doll in the shape of a famous rabbit cartoon, I enjoy having him close to me since he represents many of the things I want to achieve in my life, and he’s also one of my biggest inspirations. I really love Roger Rabbit, and hope I can stay with him for a very long time.

Aren’t you agree with me, little partner? =3


Alejandro said...

esta padre tu Conejo :)

Bunnyfriend said...

Gracias camarada!! Y como ese tengo varios más, pero este fue el primero que compré cuando me hice fan y por eso le tengo más cariño que a los demás =3