Monday, April 19, 2010

Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 60 seconds

Someone did a really funny animation which tells you everything about "Who Framed Roger Rabbit” in sixty seconds. In his own words, “it contains bad language, bad drawings and bad jokes”… I don’t really think the same about the drawings and the jokes XD


Alexander said...

Ha ha That was insane.

Rotten said...

hahahah.. Can't breathe XD
That's too hilarious. The animator of the work must be a genius.

Bunnyfriend said...

What really kills me is when Roger turns himself into Jar-Jar Binks XD

Mik said...

This. is. Awesome!@!!
Good find!! I should watch this when I want
to watch WFRR again but have no time to sit thru 1 and half hour lol