Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Roger Rabbit – In 3D!!

Finally, what many Roger Rabbit fans consider the missing link has appeared!! Remember about that sequel project aborted by Michael Eisner, in which Roger would be computer-animated?


Well… Here’s finally the source of that frame!! This video was found at Brendan Body’s Blog, and it was animated by Eric Guaglione, who worked with Disney by the time the Roger Rabbit sequel was under pre-production:

Eric Guaglione's Roger Rabbit 2 Test from Brendan Body on Vimeo.

So there it is, fellas! Did you like it? =D

You can read more info about this animated test going to the entry related to this vid on Brendan Body’s Blog. What do I think about this? Well, let’s say I’m pretty amazed =3


Alexander said...

Great find Bunny!
To bad it's so short, but very interesting to watch nonetheless.
Is Charles Fleischer doing the voice in this one?

MiK said...

Wow that looks really good, it has nice squash and stretch. I also would like to see this 3D Roger doing some subtle emotional scene. And it's amazing but can't beat the 2D feeling still, at least to me :D
And it doesn't sound like Charles...I don't know 0.0

Bunnyfriend said...

Roger isn´t voiced by Charles Fleischer this time. The voice sounds similar, but remember this was just a test, so there wasn´t the need for casting Charles.

For being a 3D animated sequence, it looks very cartoony, with all the squash and stretch. Maybe it could have worked in its time, with some retouches here and there.


I agree. Pretty good stuff. Too bad Eisner killed stopped this sequel from happening...

At least we know that a second Roger film is in the works now, even if it won't necessarily be the same script that was proposed back then.

Alexander said...

I do hope the new sequel is made to Disneyfan. But the lack of any new updates on it is starting to make me somewhat skeptic about it. At first news about it were pouring in and then it just stopped abruptly.

Bunnyfriend said...

If the sequel is made and Roger is animated using CGI techniques, I hope the final results are not as good as this proof test, but even better :D

The same happens with all the movies that are going into pre-production. So let´s keep our fingers (and ears) crossed.