Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kathleen Turner might get “drawn this way” again!


According to mexican news agency Notimex, which article (in spanish) was published in a very respected newspaper, Kathleen Turner (who’s turning 56 years old this saturday) is considering to reprise her role as Jessica Rabbit in the upcoming sequel to “Who Roger Rabbit”, which is scheduled to be released in 2012.

Although the article is mainly focused on Turner’s career, it also talks a little about the upcoming movie: Roger and his friends will return with an improved look, but they will remain 2D-animated (so there’s no need to worry about the honey bunny and his sultry wife becoming some sort of weird CGI monsters, huh-huh!).

Great news, dont’cha think so? =D


rotten said...

Amazing news! Don't you think the sequel will be a promising movie?

Bunnyfriend said...

I hope that, my dear sis :D
Roger deserves another great movie, that helps him and his fellas to relaunch their careers =3

Alexander said...

Nice. After about six months of no news about this, I was starting to wonder if the new movie had gone dead like all the previous sequel projects. Though this isn't much to go on, it is at least better than hearing nothing at all.

Bunnyfriend said...

Well, considering the sequel will be released in 2012, there's still a long, loooooooong way to go. But those tidbits of info are always useful for fans like us :D

Fan Art n' Fun said...

Not just great news. It's. FANTASTIC!!!

Mike said...

What's the possibility of a 3D version of the original.

Bunnyfriend said...

I know, hope the great news about the sequel keep coming =)

That would be a very interesting feature. However, the 3D version of “Beauty and the Beast“ was shelved, because the 3D transition proved to be troublesome, and the extra income from 3D theaters isn´t enough to cover the production costs.


I agree that it'd be pretty cool to get a 3D reissue of the original Roger film.

Considering the somewhat explosive and in-your-face nature of the flick, it'd probably be a real knock-out watching it while wearing 3D glasses. :D

And it would be a nice way to create anticipation for the sequel, kinda like what they did with last year's 3D reissues of the first two Toy Story films to try and build anticipation for this summer's release of Toy Story 3.