Monday, January 31, 2011

Drawing Roger Rabbit

DisneyGirl4ever allowed us to share with you fellas this wonderful video. Look how Roger Rabbit comes to life in a few minutes, just in front of your eyes! Also, p-p-p-p-please pay attention to the artist’s commentaries: they’re truly inspirational :)


Alex said...

Looks a bit off-model in some parts, but still very good work and fun to watch.

Disleanne said...

One of the reasons I love this drawing so much is because it wasn't entirely on model, it was her own unique style. I think it made it a lot more special. :)

Bunnyfriend said...

It's a nice drawing after all. The artist did her best and that's what counts after all: if you were an artist working for Disneyland (or an outsider working under permission of Disney) and someone asked you for a Roger Rabbit drawing (a character which is somewhat unknown and not-so-much requested) you would end drawing him in the best way you can.