Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roger Rabbit’s (brief) comeback to Disneyland

Recently at Disneyland was celebrated the 20th. Anniversary of Fantasmic, in an event exclusive to annual passholders. As you might know, Fantasmic is a very innovative water, music and fireworks show which is conducted by Mickey Mouse. It’s one of Disney Parks’ favorite shows and it has evolved thru all those years. It features several well-known characters from the Disney universe and at some point Roger Rabbit was featured among the cast, but as his popularity waned away he was pulled out from the cast.

So, it was truly a surprise to the attendants of this particular event when in the Grand Finale a Roger Rabbit costumed character appeared among his Disney buddies again!!

Here are some pictures taken by Flickr user jaysquivel, who gave us permission to use them:

There’s also a neat video featuring stills from the event and the Grand Finale, from YouTube user TheCrushinDarkness:

Although it was for some brief moments, it’s great to see Roger again at Disneyland =D


Philip said...

It would be very nice if this ends up being some sort of indication that Disney and Amblin have finally made a new licensing agreement allowing Roger to roam the Disney parks on a recurring basis again.

I don't think they would've used him if they didn't have permission from Amblin. And I can't see Disney doing something as potentially-expensive for just a short-term one-off event like the aforementioned Fantasmic anniversary.

I also feel that part of Roger's initial disappearance from Fantasmic was because they lost the rights of have him in the show when the Eisner/Spielberg rift of the late 90's/early 2000's occurred.

Either way, this is something that a lot of us never saw coming.

Bunnyfriend said...

Since Steven Spielberg is now working more closely with Disney (all recent Dreamworks releases have been through Touchstone Pictures) he's maybe giving the Big Mouse the consent they need for this kind of appeareances, and some Jessica Rabbit related products as well (see for more info).

Maybe the WFRR sequel is lost again in development hell, but there's a real interest to keep their characters alive and relevant =)