Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little clear-up about WFRR getting the 3D treatment

Some days ago, I published that NME was reporting “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is going to be re-released on November 2013 as a 3D feature.

Sure they don’t have any back-up to their claims, but I know those NME guys and they take things seriously; in fact they own one of the most renowned music and media magazines among alternative audiences, and they usually don’t post false claims (whey they do, they promptly apologize).

Jessica’s owner Jarrod claims it is too soon to cheer up and advise us to take these news with a grain of salt (in fact, I got an e-mail for him asking about the core source of this tidbit of info) and maybe he’s right, since there it comes this sudden revelation out of nowhere. Even I had my own doubts when the trailer of the upcoming Blu-ray release of WFRR was premiered on a YouTube fan channel instead of an official Disney website, until I was proved wrong by the guys at Open Vault Disney.

You know me people. I’ve passed a lot of supposed Roger Rabbit news that are just rehashes of the old news we already know, while another ones are just plain dumb, silly and without any credible backup. My intention isn’t giving you false hopes or try to get more hits telling lies, which only will hurt the reputation I and Alex have gained thru all those years. In fact, after all those years of false starts and empty promises, I still fear we won’t gonna get a prequel, a sequel or even an affordable piece of memorabilia. Heck, I’m even sick of just staring at those Jessica Rabbit statues which cost an arm and a leg to get! Where’s Roger? Oh, yeah, I forgot: he’s not sexy or “hot”. He’s just a dumb old bunny that a lot of people consider obnoxious.

Okay, that was enough ranting for a while. My point is: let’s wait until these news get confirmed. If they are false, I’ll promptly apologize to all of you, expecting some of my credibility will be gone to the trash bin. But let’s hope they are true =)


Alex said...

Don't worry, there are plenty of Roger figures out there to, the vinlymation figure, the Trail Mixup maquette, the "Two bits" one etc. Problem is they cost an arm and a leg to!

Bunnyfriend said...

That's the main problem. All those figures are expensive (and I mean EXPENSIVE with capital letters) because the WFRR fandom is rather small, and they assume Roger Rabbit or Jessica Rabbit fans will pay anything for a collectible, which isn't always the case.

Philip said...

Getting slightly off-topic...

With the recent announcements of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, let's hope that Disney will buy Amblin Entertainment next, which would be a big help in increasing Roger Rabbit's chances of a comeback.

Bunnyfriend said...


Maybe they could buy Amblin Entertainment at any time, since they are now in good terms with Steven Spielberg.

But there's only a slight possibility of that buyout happening, so let's keep our fingers crossed :)