Friday, March 8, 2013

Fleischer not sure about The Stooge

Charles Fleischer was interviewed by regarding "The Stooge", where he goes on to say it could be just a rumor.

But don't throw yerselves in the Dip yet kiddies, from the looks of things it seem he's just speculating. Based on what I've read so far the project is in it's very early stages, so there probably hasn't been any need to contact any voiceactors yet. So hold in there until we get more news on this. Keep your fingers and ears crossed and hope Gary Wolf can get Roger back in action again.

Thanks again to Bunnyfriend for the heads up.

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Bunnyfriend said...

There's a lot of buzz about Roger Rabbit lately, since the Blu-ray of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is getting its release next tuesday and there'll be a special screening at the AMPAS with some of WFRR's cast.

I still have my own doubts about Gary Wolf's involvement in a movie project: even if those rumors are true, maybe he's just testing the waters for the release of his new novel "Who Wacked Roger Rabbit" to see if there's still some people interested in Roger and his friends.

Let's wait for more related info.