Friday, March 15, 2013

Roger Rabbit back at Easter on Disneyland


Facebook fan page Characters Photos Blog recently published some interesting news: if those are true and not only rumors, then the Roger Rabbit costumed character will be back at Disneyland for the upcoming Easter season, along with his friends Br’er Rabbit (from Song of the South and Splash Mountain) and Mr. Easter Bunny himself. Also, he will be part of the “Happiness is Here Parade” on Tokyo Disneyland for the park’s 30th. anniversary. There is a slight chance he travels to Disneyland Paris too.

Let’s wait for a confirmation from official sources, but let’s hope for the best too =3

P.S. Thanks to for the info =D


Philip said...

I hope he'll be at Walt Disney World during that time as well.

Ayaka said...

Months ago, I heard the rumor that Roger will appear on the Happiness is Here Parade. But I didn't know about Easter event! I want Roger to come back! DX

Bunnyfriend said...

Hopefully, Roger will be back for a while: after all, we're near to the 25th. Anniversary of the movie release :)

Daniel Kimbrell said...

Because of this thing, if it is true, I am postponing my honeymoon to April of next year. I mean, it's Roger after all!