Sunday, May 5, 2013

A discussion on Roger Rabbit 2/The Stooge

Even when they were making Who Framed Roger Rabbit, they were thinking of ideas for a second film. The biggest idea was to explain the whole idea that Roger became famous in the 30's and when he met and married Jessica. The first idea was Who Discovered Roger Rabbit. The plot was that Eddie Valiant and Roger were trying to uncover more of our favorite rabbit's past, with it also being a musical. One song was later recorded by the original singing voice for Jessica, Amy Irving.

The other idea was a movie called Toon Platoon. It was a story that happened before the first movie, or prequel. The story goes that Roger's mother left him on the doorstep of a human couple in Kansas. He never knew he was a Toon until they told him once he turned 18. Other plotlines include meeting Jessica, Jessica getting kidnapped by Nazis and becoming the Toon version of Tokyo Rose and an assasination attempt on Franklin Roosevelt. It was written by Animaniacs writers Sherri Stoner and Diana Oliver.

BUT.... there was footage that is now very well known of a CG test for Roger.

 Now, we hear talk of a remake of the Martin and Lewis film The Stooge, which I have high and low expectations for. It will bring back Roger, which is the high expectations..... now time to hear the LOW expectations.

In February of 2013, Disney shut down the 2D animation department of the studio, instead going with nothing but CG animation from now on. In fact, rumor has it that Pixar got the rights to do The Stooge. Now you may be thinking: "This might ruin our hopes for any new 2D material that we can own!" Well, yes. But let's not forget that even Toontown can shine brighter with a bit of hope.


Philip said...

Disney did NOT shut down 2D animation! Everybody is blowing all that waaaaaaaaay out of proportion!

All they said was that there are no 2D films in production "at this time", not ruling out the possibility that there could be more 2D films in the future.

This is nothing to worry about, really, compared to the actual 2D shutdown that occurred in 2004, before Eisner was booted out.

Bunnyfriend said...

Actually Daniel, "Toon Platoon" came first and "Who Discovered Roger Rabbit" was the second prequel attempt. P-p-p-please pal, check your facts first :)

Daniel Kimbrell said...

Thanks for the corrections.

Philip said...

Also, I think that "The Stooge" and the 3 new coinciding Roger shorts will probably be animated using the new hand-drawn/CGI combination technologies that they used in the recent animated short "Paperman".

I wouldn't be surprised if Paperman was used as a testing ground for that new technique to possibly be used in future films like The Stooge.

Bunnyfriend said...

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