Friday, May 31, 2013

A Roger Rabbit 25th. Anniversary Celebration by

From June 1st. until the last day of the month, will be holding a very special 25th. Anniversary celebration in their Tumblr page (Jessica Rabbit World). Literally tons of pictures related to Roger Rabbit will be posted on there and you can find all the details on the following link:

A Roger Rabbit 25th. Anniversary Celebration Next Month by

It will be a very fun month, and maybe you can see some pictures and photos you haven’t seen before, so keep an eye on there ;)


Bobby Mills-Thomas said...

Didn't really know where else to send this, apart from Alexs' Deviantart account, so I'll leave it here too:!

They've brought Jessica, and Roger with Fleischers' voice, to Disneyland! Whoo! But she looks creepy... still, this is a historic moment for RR fans!

Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks for sharing that video with us!

Our pal at already covered that special presentation with Roger and Jessica Rabbit, giving his own personal opinions about Jessica's costume :)