Monday, July 6, 2009

Early Roger Rabbit pencil test

This rare pencil test, uploaded by Youtube user LindaBlair2000 features a short test with a preeliminary Jessica Rabbit design, walking around a mock Eddie Valiant actor, and even flirting and yelling at him. Later, we can see a totally nude Roger Rabbit (better said: the first version of the character which looked more like Screwball Squirrel, voiced by Paul Reubens who’s better known as Pee-Wee Herman) complaining at Eddie Valiant who is voiced off-screen. Finally, we can catch a very short glimpse of Roger Rabbit dressed in his corduroy pants, walking on a real street, in front of the corner of some building.

This can give you a very slight idea of what was originally intended for Roger Rabbit’s movie; in fact, it looks to me that the original plans were to stick to Gary Wolf’s novel as much as possible.

Thanks, LindaBlair2000!!


Alexander said...

Thanks for showing us this one! I have a rare drawing of Roger's original design and it is interesting to see it animated.

Bunnyfriend said...

I have the same drawing, Alexander, and it´s really interesting watching the early stages of Roger Rabbit´s production. Makes you wonder about how the movie could be made =3

Elwen said...

Primero muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog, ha sido genial porque he conocido este rincón dedicado a Roger. ¡¡Cuánta información!! Desde luego de haber dado con él antes me hubiera ayudado aún más con el post.

Muchas felicidades por el blog

Bunnyfriend said...

Te agradezco la visita, Elwen.

Cada que encuentro información relevante sobre Roger Rabbit, o material que valga la pena compartir, lo subo a este blog a la brevedad posible para que todos los fans del alocado conejo y sus amigos estemos al día.

Nuevamente, ¡gracias! =3