Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Totally unOfficial Toonography of Jessica P1

Thanks to Youtube user ImNotBadTV (who also runs the website ) we can get “The Totally unOfficial Toonography of Jessica (Rabbit)”; a fan-made documentary which will gather anything related to Jessica Rabbit, from her earlier success and how she suddenly disappeared from the spotlights, along with some cool, rare collectibles and some unproduced items. It will be mainly devoted to Jessica, so many fans will be really delighted (although I’m more on the Roger side, rather than Jessica´s).

The first part of this documentary, featured above, shows some unseen drawings and concepts of the proposed-but-never-completed 4th. animated short, named “Hare in my Soup”, along with some animation cels of what appears to be the Roger Rabbit cartoon project, that was discarded because Disney and Amblin were not getting a fair agreement about the movie characters (as you might know, this is the real reason behind the existence of Bonkers and his saturday morning cartoon). As you can notice, both projects were looking fine and were ready to get off the drawing boards. Along with those projects, a Christmas special was projected and some theatrical animated shorts were being considered as well.

I can’t help but feel sad, and a little angry. Roger and Jessica deserved something better than some uninspired pins (which is the only thing we can get from the movie at this moment). Hope Zemeckis is really thinking about “Roger Rabbit 2”, since the honey bunny needs to make a lot of people laugh.

Thanks, ImNotBadTV!


Alexander said...

Wow, very interesting stuff. And of course a bit depressing as well. Hopefully this sequel thing makes and Roger and Jessica will be brought back in to the spotlight again. Looking forward to seeing part 2 of the video. I wonder were he found those Hare in my soup screenshots. I am always one the lookout for more rare Roger pictures.

Bunnyfriend said...


I´m wondering the same. It seems that the work on “Hare in my soup“ was already done, since the cels look really polished. Even the cels from the proposed cartoon, although more simple, look awesome.

Alexander said...

Yeah, I thought it didn't made it so far but died somewere during the script development.
I also hope to someday see that test video that was made in order to show the Disney executives how Roger would work with CGI elements for that sequel that never got made.

Bunnyfriend said...

Oh, yes, it will be awesome if someone releases that video. Maybe it would look a little crappy for today´s standards, but it could give us an idea about what were they having in mind.