Friday, July 24, 2009

Roger Rabbit’s comeback… Closer?


As you might noticed from my former entries, I’ve been searching and posting all news related to the much-rumored, much-awaited and long-delayed “Roger Rabbit” sequel or prequel. Well… Comic-con (the biggest comics convention in US, that also involves videogames, cartoons, TV series and movies) is just happening right now, and Robert Zemeckis is introducing his new production, “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” to the whole world.

Yes, you guessed it. Someone asked him about Roger Rabbit.


Well: seems that Zemeckis is trying to keep his mouth shout about the “Roger Rabbit II” project (that we already know it’s in the works ;D ) but still gave us some tidbits about how the proposed sequel will be made, if Disney greenlights it:

"I can neither confirm or deny. I will tell you this: If that ever does happen...the 2D characters will remain 2D. They will not be dimensionalized. Though would not exclude 3D."

Okay, so we can rest assured folks: Roger Rabbit and his fellow friends will remain 2D if the movie is ever made. It’s also rumored that Zemeckis would use a more “traditional”, less edge-cutting technology for giving life to our beloved Toons. In other words, they will be animated in the old-fashioned style, or something close to it.

You can read about the whole conference in the following link:

MTV Movies Blog - Robert Zemeckis Talks 'A Christmas Carol,' A 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' Sequel At San Diego Comic-Con

So, fellas… The hopes are not dead yet!! =3


Alexander said...

I don't like how it sounds like this might just "maybe" happen. Sounds like he's on the fence on this one. But it is after all better than nothing.
By the way, where did you find that picture you used for this post?

Bunnyfriend said...

Well Alexander... If he wasn't considering to film another Roger Rabbit movie, he could simply just replied: "No plans by the moment" or something like that. A more direct, gossip-stopping answer.

But, the last two times he was asked about the rabbit, he has said: "I can't CONFIRM or deny (the plans)". Such ambiguous reply tells me that he's willing to work in another Roger Rabbit movie, and even that the project is on the works, since he has revealed some important stuff, like the movie based in a whole new screenplay, and being animated in 2D with little 3D elements. Even I've read in another journals that Bob Hoskins wants to reprise his role as Eddie Valiant, since he likes the character a lot.

I understand you, but p-p-p-p-please don't give up your hopes yet: I'm sure this time the promised Roger Rabbit sequel would be made =3

P.S. Guess that I took that image from some eBay auction, but I'm not sure.

Alexander said...

Where did you read that part about Hoskins wanting to play Eddie again?
He has probably aged somewhat in these twenty+ years after the original so that would they couldn't set the movie in the 1947 if he returns. Though it could open up for some interesting storylines where it is explored why humans age and toons doesn't.

Bunnyfriend said...


I read about Bob Hoskins this morning, on:

So it seems that Zemeckis is still hiding the rabbit in his hat... But, for how long?

rotten-orange said...

Aw Bunny-oni-chan! This news made me happy! <3 Whether this sequel(prequel) plan will be gonna happen, I'm glad to know that Roger and his pals will be made in 2D style. I've seen a image of 3D Roger before and he was definitely cute, but I couldn't love him --;
He wasn't fluffy D:

Bunnyfriend said...

I´m very excited as well, Ayaka-imouto-chan! It seems that Roger Rabbit is just around the corner, waiting for the right moment to come out.

I´ll gotta say I was very interesting in watching a 3D rendition of Roger Rabbit, with all his fluffy fur and huge nose and feet, but sometimes is better to stick to the classics =3

rotten-orange said...

I'm just wondering who will be the animation director? I hope it's Richard Williams!

Bunnyfriend said...

I´m hoping the same, although Eric Goldberg would be great too!! =D

rotten-orange said...

Yes indeed X3