Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jeepers!! That’s a HUGE rabbit!



Commissioned a life-sized Roger Rabbit doll several months ago and it’s finally done! Still don’t have it at home (this pictures were sent to me by the person who made the doll) but the rabbit it’s HUGE and it’s totally hand-made. This person also makes Sackboys (from the PS3 hit “Little Big Planet”) and several custom dolls that you can see in her online catalog.

So, do you like him? I can’t wait to bring him at home, he’s so huggable! =3


rotten-orange said...

Wow....WOW!!!! You're so lucky, oni-chan! I love this Roger! He looks so ADORABLE and also fluffy! <33333

Alexander said...

Ah, it's finally done! Nice. How tall is he?

Bunnyfriend said...

@Rotten-chan (hehe, it sounds cute!)

Yes, he is! He's made of very soft fabric, and I can't wait to have him at home!! =3


He's 1 meter tall (like 3.5 feet tall). That thing is huge!! =D

Mike said...

Amaizing stuff, the online catalog it's really great, They've a page on MercadoLibre or something like that? If doesn't really they need it, several people spend bucks on this .8

Bunnyfriend said...

Well Mike, you can contact this person through Atomix Foros: she has a thread in which she´s selling her creations (and of course, commissions like this one are always welcome). The URL is:

(Spanish only, but that shouldn´t be an issue to you =D)

Michelle said...

Check out this 56 inch original Disney Rodger Rabbit on ebay