Monday, January 25, 2010

Three years living with Roger Rabbit


Yup. I’ve been living three exact years with this little fella (maybe you remember the last year’s entry about my second anniversary with him) and very little has changed since that day.

Or at least, I think so.

Let’s see: Roger gained some much-needed whiskers and his loose tooth, so he isn’t your average Roger Rabbit plush doll anymore. What did I gain? Perhaps several pounds and a lot of knowledge about Roger Rabbit himself, everything related to him and of course the real life outside the rabbit hole.

I’ve had a lot of good stuff and great experiences with Roger. Also some bad stuff came when I couldn’t take control of my emotions, and I hurted him. There are several weird stories too, that are actually funny. But what I really remember with such joy and emotion, was the previous encounter I had with this Roger Rabbit doll before getting him.

At that time, I wasn’t so interested in the rabbit. In fact, knew little about him since the last time I saw him, back in my childhood days. I was collecting another stuff, and my interests were focused to some little spunky, red-haired girl that smells like strawberries. But some day, at the flea market. I spotted him. He was hanging on a grid display, among some other plush dolls and collectibles. Despite my limited knowledge, I recognized him and couldn’t avoid but smile and giggle. He looked really really funny, with his big blue eyes staring at me. A sudden blast of nostalgia caught me, but as soon as it came, it disappeared. I was in fact searching for another doll, so I smiled at Roger for the last time, and said goodbye to him.

Never thought I would bring him to home two weeks later!! (thanks, of course, to the broadcast of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” on Mexican Disney Channel).

Since January 25th. 2007, Roger Rabbit has been part of my life. Today, January 25th, 2010, Roger Rabbit is still part of my life.


And I love him a lot <3

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