Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roger AND Rogina Rabbit

Now that’s what I call a very original idea!


A seller at eBay is currently selling this couple of adorable crocheted rabbits: Roger Rabbit himself and a girl rabbit named “Rogina”. What’s interesting about Rogina is her design: she’s mainly a girl version of Roger, wearing some sort of blue necklace, red jumpers and what appear to be white sneakers with blue laces and pink soles.

Wonder if she’s supposed to be Roger’s sister or some distant cousin. She’s really cute <3

If you want to get Rogina (and Roger of course) you can place your bid in the following eBay auction:

eBay - Roger & Rogina Rabbit
(This link may not be working after February 2010)


Anonymous said...

Did you see this!

Maybe they will make a Roger doll some day to go with it!!

Bunnyfriend said...

That Jessica doll is awesome! It´s a shame she´s also very expensive too D=

Thanks for the head-up =3