Friday, December 16, 2011

Roger Rabbit model sheet revisited

Not much to report nowadays since Zemeckis is still quiet as the grave regarding the sequel. But luckily I found something else to blog about.
A while back I uploaded a modelsheet I traced from a low resolution picture. Well, I recently got hold of some more Roger Rabbit comics and one of them has a official, in-depth model sheet.


Bunnyfriend said...

Jeepers, Alex! That's a very amazing find!

I always thought he was 4.5 jellybean heads high, though =0

Alex said...

Ah yes, you're talking about that sketchy one? I dunno who drew that, but this one I know is the official one from the animators of the film.

Bunnyfriend said...

Those old sketches you're talking about are actually Richard Williams' first Roger Rabbit design studies. Maybe they settled on the "4 heads high" later.