Monday, March 9, 2009

About my absence

In the last two weeks I was a little absent of this blog… Sadly, just a couple of persons know about its existence, and nobody else cares about it. Maybe it’s because Toontown Antics is a rather new journal… Maybe it’s because I focus too much in my personal collection, since there aren’t enough news about Roger Rabbit out there… Maybe it’s because no one is interested in a 20-years-old movie, or because traditional animation with classic characters isn’t as appealing compared with all those neat 3-D animated features and new characters voiced by movie superstars and pop singers.

Still don’t know if I wish to go ahead with Toontown Antics, since no one seems to be interested in Roger Rabbit.

Anyway, I’ll give this journal another chance. If I can’t raise enough interest on it, maybe I’ll shut it down, or just leave it alone. I still have my old blog ( but I’ll rather keep it focused to my personal life and issues (sorry, my former blog will be updated only in spanish).

Roger Rabbit never gave up, I know. But I’m NOT Roger Rabbit.

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Clayton said...

my mom has had a roger rabbit doll for 20 years. a friend ran over a box full of them on the highway, and one became stuck under the car. he gave it to my mother, and she has kept it in the trunk of her car ever since -- she retains it when she gets a new car, and back in the trunk it goes. he's still smiling.