Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If you have had (or maybe you still have) a Roger Rabbit plush doll, you can notice that probably he lacks two important features: his long whiskers, and his trademark front tooth. Since I had some spare time this past weekend, I decided to work on my own Roger Rabbit plush doll (better said, my favorite one) for giving him those facial features, and this is the final result:

How does Roger look now? I’d like to know what do you think! =3


Andrerabbit said...

Roger's as good as new, and almost same as in the movie, Bunny-oni-chan. He's adorable :D Actually, I've felt something wrong with Roger plushie of this kind....Your article cleared my head XD Thank you so much, oni-chan! And Sorry for my belated comment :-(

Bunnyfriend said...

Don't worry Ayaka-imouto-chan =3
Anyway, nobody cares about my blog T_T

Back into the topic: since I got that Roger Rabbit doll, I was curious about how would him look with his whiskers and his loose tooth, but I hadn't the courage of doing this kind of makeover in him. Then he started to look old and very worn, so I decided to give him a new look.

¿Y sabes quĂ©, mi querida hermana? !Me encanta! (And know what, my dear sister? I love it!)

Cheri pie said...

Omg where did you buy that Roger doll I had an exact one when i was a kid and i lost it along time ago. It was my favorite toy cause I love Roger Rabbit so much. I can't find one that looks like that anymore.. :(