Monday, March 9, 2009

Huge collection update

Maybe it’s the last time I upload an update of my collection. I’m always showing off my newest finds, but I never really thought if you will be interested in them, since many of you probably have neater things than mine. Anyway, those are my latest finds:

Roger Rabbit PVC figurine with handcuffs

Thumper Wind Up Plush (if you wind up him, he will play a sweet lullaby while moving his head softly from side to side)

Large Talking Horton Plush (he’s really huge!)

Little Thumper Plush, with a suction cup hanging from his head (he’s into my car right now)

Brer Rabbit Beanie

So there are my new babies. Finding them ain’t easy (specially Roger Rabbit collectibles) but you can imagine how glad I feel when I bring those little friends into my house =3

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