Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hopes are not dead yet

Lately I’ve written my blog entries in a sad, hopeless mood. You know as well as I how difficult is being a Roger Rabbit fan, when almost no one cares about him. I’ve been thinking about that the entire week, and even I was in a very emotional mood last night, since I felt pretty alone (although I know you’re with me in this, Ayaka-imouto-chan and Alexander) and I have a lot of things to share about the rabbit, but sometimes seems that there is no place for us.

Today, a close friend of mine sold me a new Roger Rabbit doll for my collection. He’s a cutie, but his hair is cut to the half and he doesn’t speaks anymore. I decided to keep Roger with me, holding him in my right arm (just like in my own photographs), and take a stroll with him and my friend.

I really was amazed about how many children recognized him and shouted: “Look, it’s Roger Rabbit!!” And I’m talking about several children from 6 to 9 years old, that knew about Roger Rabbit even when his own movie is 20 years old!!

That experience brought me two things: a very much needed smile, and a great feeling of hope. Not just a small light, but a really huge thing. If those kids know about Roger is because they have enjoyed his movie, laughed with him and fell in love with him. And since the reruns of the movie are constant and persistent, at least in Mexico and Latin America, probably more children will know about “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and its lovable characters.

So, fellas, hopes are not dead yet. Sorry for making you feel sad about Roger Rabbit; he surely want us to smile, and for that reason, from this right moment I’ll be smiling :)


Alexander said...

Thanks for mentioning me, we Roger fans gotta stick together! If you want more blog visitors you could perhaps put the link to it in your signature on DA or forums you're a member of so it's seen every time you post a comment.

Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, Alexander!! That would be of great help, since as you´ve said we Roger Rabbit fans need to stick together =3

rotten-orange said...

Aww I guess his strong emotion connected to the children. The children are understanding how he is lovable character :D

Bunnyfriend said...

Children are wonderful. They know when people lies to them, and when a person or a character is true to itself. There is no way Roger could lie to them: he´s a pure and gentle rabbit that does everything for making people laugh, and I think children can see that :)