Saturday, April 25, 2009

Un lindo día

I found this video today at Youtube. It seems that it’s from a peruvian vintage kids show named “Almendra” (after its hostess, Almendra Gomelsky), and probably was broadcasted between 1994-1996. She’s singing what appears to be the opening song from the show, and while she sings Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse costumed characters dance and jump along with her. Just look at Roger, he’s all cheerful and bouncing with joy from side to side!!

There are a lot of Roger close-ups, so I strongly recommend you to watch this video (even if you don’t speak spanish); hope this remind us the time when Roger Rabbit was as great as Mickey Mouse… Times that are sadly gone forever.


rotten-orange said...

I watched it! I haven't seen this, so it was a lot of fun :D Thanks for sharing this video, Bunny-oni-chan!
Ah Roger... Why are your ears so cute? He has plenty of bounce in this vid... (T_T)

Alexander said...

I would sell my soul for one of those Roger costumes.

Bunnyfriend said...

I thought exactly the same, I was wondering about Roger's floppy and bouncing ears =3

Well... I won´t exactly sell my soul, since I require it for loving Roger XD

But I'd like to have one of those costumes as well.

rotten-orange said...

What are his ears made of? XD I wanted to draw upon the materials of his ears for Halloween disguise XD

Bunnyfriend said...

Well... It seems to be that his ears are made of fur and soft felt for the ear insides, reinforced with wires for giving them its shape. Just like a giant version of Roger plushies' ears =3

rotten-orange said...

AH! I've got it X3 Thanks, Bunny-oni-chan!

Bunnyfriend said...

You´re welcome, sis *kiss*