Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More from “Almendra”

Tonight I found another video from the peruvian kids show “Almendra”, in which Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse are doing serious mischief in the set, although Roger is prominently featured. You don’t need to understand what is happening, since it’s clearly visible that Roger had a lot of fun with that small bucket, soaking everyone that got in his way XD

Undoubtedly, Roger stole the show that day =3


rotten-orange said...

hahahaha!!! XD Roger, you're genius!!! I want him to do that to me too. I can allow him even if he does such a mischief. hehe X3

Bunnyfriend said...

Oh yes, this made me laugh; people getting soaked while Roger is just having sweet, innocent fun like a little children =3

I love him <3

Alexander said...

Heh, the music in this video took me back to the 90's again. I used to listen to a lotta eurodance back then.
Very nice to see you update this blog so often by the way.

Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks for your comments, Alexander. It´s thanks to you and Ayaka-chan that I decided to update this journal more often.

I loved Eurodance, by the way! Back in those days I had a lot of cassettes with hours and hours of Eurodance and Bubblegum Dance, mainly Masterboy, Mr. President, Aqua, Alexia, Corona among anothers.

And, now that I remember, I still have those cassettes =D

Alexander said...

Ha ha same here. I have tons of those cassettes to with lots of mixed music I recored throughout my childhood. I even have one of those cassettes that came along with picture book that was sold when the movie was released.

Bunnyfriend said...

I have the audio of the same cassette, just the audio in MP3 format. I´d love to have the cassette with the book as well.