Monday, April 27, 2009

Roger Rabbit Pinata

In Mexico pinatas are a very old and beloved tradition, and they are present in every children’s birthday party. When “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was premiered in Mexico under the name “Quién Engañó a Roger Rabbit”, it was an instant hit and was played in cinemas for at least half year (from July to December 1988). Many products from the movie were sold at that time, mainly stickers, keychains, clothing and novelty items (there were some toys and plush dolls, but they were imported illegally to our country by small contrabandists known as “fayuqueros”). Of course, there were a lot of unofficial products, and one of them were pinatas for children parties; here is a picture that one of my friends sent me some time ago, in which he’s about to smack a Roger Rabbit pinata:

Here’s a closeup, in which you can appreciate it better:

In some way, it’s sad that there were children smacking and destroying those poor Roger Rabbit pinatas in their parties. But when you are a children, you don’t really care about beating your favorite character: you care about the candy inside the pinata XD

Roger looked nice, hope he made a lot of children happy that day =3


Alexander said...

He he Poor Roger, as if getting hit by anvils, refrigerators and bricks wasn't bad enough, he now gets beaten up by kids with sticks.

Bunnyfriend said...

Yay. But don't worry: for every single Roger Rabbit beaten with sticks, there are like one thousand Bugs Bunnies smacked by little children XD

rotten-orange said...

hahahahaha XDDD It's a little shocking picture XD But he must be pleased of it. He made the children happy :3

Bunnyfriend said...

At least you can feel relieved since Roger Rabbit pinatas are not longer made... But I´m sure thousands of them were smacked 20 years ago XD

He can take all the pain, just for making kids laugh =3