Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walking Bimbo Bear

Today I bought a very, very rare walking Bimbo bear. As you might remember from a former entry, Bimbo (the most known brand of bakeries in Latin America) gave several years ago a lot of cute plush bears as purchase gifts, and past January I got a plush bear in excellent condition.

This time, I got one of the holy grails in mexican collecting circles: the most sought of all Bimbo bears, the walking one. Unfortunately I couldn’t get him walking (I replaced the batteries and his mechanism still works, but maybe some piece is broken and he can’t walk or swing his hands), but still he has all his tags and despite the lack of his bread loaf under his arm, this bear is complete and in pristine condition.

Incredibly I got him for just $5 pesos!! (less than 40 dollar cents) Now that’s what I call a great deal =D

Look at his size, compared to my another Bimbo bear:

P.S. Yup: that’s my PC monitor in the background, displaying Roger Rabbit =3


rotten-orange said...

Whee! New Bimbo plushie! That's sooo cute, oni-chan! He is as white as snow. And it's nice price for the quality.

Bunnyfriend said...

I was surprised when the lady that sold me the cute bear told me his price. I even had to ask three times more, since I thought I haven´t heard accurately the price XD

If only I could get him walking...

Thanks, Ayaka-imouto-chan *hug*

Preston said...

Is there any way you would consider selling both bears to me?